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  1. HI, Anyone out there who've installed a Sigma rain shower set? Appreciate reviews.
  2. So have to make slimmer cabinets and put lightweight stuffs only Still possible....will come back once decided
  3. Thks will put that in consideration, moveable ....haven't tot about dat.
  4. Thks for your contribution, will rethink placements and layout again this time without island. I'm not that into island just thinking that storage will be quite limited without one after putting in fridge and washing machine. ID is rather confident with their plumbing job, but I really scared scared. Considering a C shaped now....dunno how feasible.... Not much view from balcony though it's unblocked, just columns of flats.....
  5. Yes, proposed concealing under tiles which I'm seriously not comfortable. As island's goin to be in the middle there's bound to be a 'causeway' haha like S'pore to JB. No way to hide it right unless I make it a 'reclaimed land' instead if island which doesn't seem right. Yes will be hacking balcony n leveling it. Rotating TV console planned in the middle at half height with a face of hidden study and display cabinet outside MBR wall. Dining area will be on the other side of foyer. TV serving living room, dining area and study area aka gaming area.
  6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/20/floorplanz.jpg/ My kitchen is squarish and ID is suggesting to build a 6ft island in the middle and sitting the sink in it with undergnd piping. Am worried of leakage or clogging problem in the long run, should I just forget about the island or is there other options?
  7. Did anyone have issues(function or cosmetic wise) surfacing after these few years ? Appreciate your sharing....
  8. Me too ! Have an idea of hanging cabinet with shutter door on side of wall where I can hide PCs in, not forgetting work space too but probably lift-up door to expose shelf and table top as too many shutter may not look good. Still pondering..... Google for hidden workspace...here's one http://unclutterer.com/2009/07/17/workspace-of-the-week-hidden-in-a-closet/
  9. pm me if interested in HSBC, can send u some cal details
  10. It's high as you're going for short tenure of 3 years. Can't advise for short tenure as I'm going for 20 years, with no lock-in. However usually no lock-in is still bounded by claw back conditions, and maintaining min 100k loan in 1st year. I'm probably going for HSBC 1mth SIBOR at +0.8%.
  11. MR is defined by the Bank ? Can I say that then there's no transparency as compared to SIBOR ?
  12. http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/3288/floorplanx.th.jpg' alt='floorplanx.th.jpg'>
  13. Have just confirmed on a 5rm resale and hope to make it my permanent home at least the next 20 years . Appreciate simple and clean design
  14. Yes, BOC has not sent me any info after request. HSBC is quite efficient. Sent me info plus calculations on projected monthly payment and interest involved withing hours. No lock-in period. 1st year : 1 or 3-month SIBOR + 0.80% 2nd year : 1 or 3-month SIBOR + 0.80% 3rd year : 1 or 3-month SIBOR + 0.80% Thereafter : 1 or 3-month SIBOR + 1.25% Full Repayment For full redemption, minimum 3 months written notice is required and no penalty applicable.