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  1. u mean 'just in case we choose deepfrying diet' in future?? its more like just in case we get tired of guests walking in freely whenever we host, n will like to shut them out of kitchen discreetly with closed door.
  2. we did an open kitchen. no windows no doors watever to close. everythings fine with cooking everyday and NO-DEEPFRYING house rule. been pass a year already. but we made buffer also so tat in future if we do wan to close up the kitchen, where will the location of the glass wall n door, plus existing carpentary work will not get into the way of future glass work;)
  3. Hi there, does anybody uses steam cleaner at home? do u find it really useful??
  4. ours is an open kitchen. cooking everyday, but STRICTLY NO DEEP-FRYING. hehe.
  5. juz a quick note, reno cost increases every year. so its difficult to take reference from job tat were completed much earlier than ur intended reno period lo. tat probably means tat most of ours in the ea-list may not be useful to u liao
  6. on top of those, e 2sty bedrooms r stuffy cos they r recessed fr e balcony. there are serveral WIS EM in hougang too, but we ruled them out:p
  7. ohh, congratulations! wish u all move in happiness n luck with the new nest
  8. oh yes, i m here. since long time ago;) how r u doing w ur new place?
  9. thk u actually bomshelter not so bad la. especially if its near or in the kitchen (like my case), can use as food pantry.
  10. is it true that HDB flat owners can buy private properties - only after 3yrs fr date of taking over hdb flat, if its purchased in the open market without any subsidies - only after 5yrs ditto, if its purchased directly from HDB and/or subsidies are involved ?? can anyone verify/correct this??
  11. aluminium poles are of course hollow !! ... still it stays firm n strong with our loads.
  12. my heaviest is sofa cover onli. feels safe le;)
  13. i prefer alum-poles. cos so much lighter. plus retractable, so can keep into very short lengths then put into storerm.
  14. btw, i moved into sengkang liao. near ner onli. free drop by in the day
  15. i found WHITE FRIDGE- Bosch side-by-side. cost $1500 at Goh Ah Bee.
  16. thks for the clue they r not the same kind of lace-curtain... anyway, i'd already stocked up in nz.
  17. ho ho engineering at 67479019 recommended by another forummer. NICE workmanship
  18. u bought TIS http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/20112011 its nice! in fact, i bought one set too yesterday cos i short-purchased in new zealand. hehe tis set very heavy with lots of pattern. so can provide privacy in windows where sheerness is not preferred.
  19. hi chery08, in the end, i bought all the curtains u saw in tat foto back from new zealand
  20. how abt asking your contractor to fabricate a timber-frame to the overly-large opening to reduce it to a 'fitting size' he will definitely know how to install the new frame VERY STUDILY ! so tis is not a mistake tat cannot be rectify- dun worry urself too much!
  21. just checked! unfortunately its juz not my kind of multifunctional oven. tink will hv to invest the additional $400 for the panasonic set btw, this sharp's steam-function is actually 'manual' steaming, hehe, u koe, put a cup of water beside your food on the turn-table, wait till it boil & give out steam in the microwave. its cool-looking !
  22. walk into any tile-shop n see for yourself la! u'll be vei surprise when u see it, cos its very commin sight in public toilets too;)
  23. hi nipponho, no need to be too upset with morpheng-wall la. can be easily fixed by doing a plaster coat over;) mine wall has been thickly make-up with plaster too... about the joining line between tiles & wall paint. 4 possible colutions : - install tiles tat are made for this purpose. all tile suppliers have. - use PVC wall-ends (the old fashion way) - plaster a 45degrees 'slope' from tile down to plaster - or plaster so tat the tiles & plaster-wall is flush more than enuff options to choose fr la
  24. hey, worth checking out thks for the clue