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  1. Hi benauhc, If I want to follow like u, diy without engaging an agent, do u think the HDB monthly seminar will be helpful? Worth attending? I am thinking of selling. I called HDB hotline and was told that everything I need to know about diy is already on website. If anything not sure, can call them and ask. I roughly glanced through the procedure. Doesn’t look difficult at all. But everyone is using agents.
  2. Hi, The top part (where we poke in our key to open door) of my main entrance door lock is spoilt. I have difficulty poking in my key. But the bottom part (where we press down the lever and push the door) is functioning OK. Questions : 1) Is it possible to DIY replacement of the top part? Doesn’t appear difficult lay. Locksmith quote $70 2) Do they sell just the top part? 3) Where should I go to hunt for a cheap one? Jalan besar? I no need fanciful or branded or gold plated one. Just one simple functional one that can last for a few years good enough for me. I looking forward to moving out. Anyone can advise? Thanks!
  3. Hi gnolard, thanks! Just like many singaporeans , i am hybrid, half buddhist, half taoist. Pure Buddhists will not use talisman. Tbere are pointed arrows pointing to my door. Anyway, right from beginning, i already made a major mistake. I used Bazhai to identify my favourable directions & searched for flat on this basis. It divides millions of human beings in this world into just 8 groups. Bazi is supposed to be more accurate as the combination is unique to the individual.
  4. Hi Bepgof, very confusing indeed. Thanks for the confusion anyway, hahahaha. Cheers.
  5. Hi, Was wondering if anyone is very deeply knowledgeable in Chinese fengshui to be able to answer my question. I read in internet先天 ba gua is considered yin and usually used for burial sites 阴宅。 后天 八卦 is considered yang and used for residence 阳宅。 I was shopping for a ba gua mirror when I realized that all of them available have the early heaven arrangement, can’t find any with the later heaven arrangement. Why like this? Is it still appropriate to use a item meant for burial site on residence? Having this unanswered puzzlement, I held off buying until I can see enlightenment. Also, if I want to add a talisman on my front door, like what some people do, how to go about doing it? Get from temple, & which temple? Or do I find the sample & draw it myself using red marker? Or is picture of a door god or kuan kong better? I live in a 3 room hdb, so it is not appropriate to place pixiu as it might be easily stolen. Any recommendations?
  6. They might charge u. U should compare around. Even if they say is free, they already included into the quotation. I've seen them hacking kitchen cabinet before, not difficult, no need specialised equipment, just a lot of strength. If u are strong macho man, u can diy. Otherwise, u can watch out for those ah nair nair or china construction workers, pay them a bit to hack for u. U can watch out for those blocks having lift upgrading or those temp construction office, there are many loitering around.
  7. I just changed mine a few weeks ago. The one at the kitchen, not the toilet. Costed me $200+, bec i am using my own town council plumber. If i use other plumber, it is 300+. Since your amk town council plumber charge u $750, u can try other town council plumbers, but this will become a private arrangement. Different plumber charge differently, and the range can be very wide, so u need to compare. You can read this one : http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16359 U should be able to get it at 300+, if i am not wrong.
  8. u can get at $50 pfr if u approach factory direct. U can also change doors $60 each door
  9. Not worth it la. It is the labour that is expensive. U can enquire, i think the difference is not much between relaminate & making new one. Buy new one is more worth it. My friend gave me a old TV console. Structure is ok, just look old, so i go & paint it. New one cost $200 over. I use left over paint to paint it. I will finish it today
  10. Is it? Got coloured grouting? I never seen before or heard before. Where to find it? White tiles and black grouts certainly look great. Red is even better. I am half way through regrouting my old kitchen floor tiles (but white).
  11. When mine was first laid, it was very white, then after a few months, turned a bit yellow (but still white), maybe like yellowish white. If it is a few days, then maybe inexplicable. It is a question of time that it will turn yellow, or worse, come off if u bleach too much. Some of those of my floor tiles "missing". You can follow like me, DIY, buy a packet of cement & patch back, very easy, only $1-2.
  12. Hi Mave7256, all the bathroom services looks like on the higher end bec u engaged ID, ID subcontract & then mark up. U can ask the supplier to provide installation service, but you still need to compare. Some of the shops does not have inhouse people, so they subcontract and they mark up. U can also engage plumber direct to ensure no middle man costs, this was what i did. Is universal union the one at lorong 44? I know of one shop at lorong 44, always advertise on ST, thei ads are very attractive but when u go there to actually purchase, they will tell u something else. Misleading ad.
  13. When i do reno for 2 toilets, i hack wall tiles, so copper piping is gone. My $380 is to run stainless from basin area to toilets. The part from entrance to kitchen is untouched. At that time when i sourced around, $380 was cheapest available, recommendation by some forummers. But recently, my toilet hole kerna choked & my waste water pipe also picha, so i got the town council and HDB plumber (one each) to fix it, & i realised that they are cheaper, yet better. They can do what i had done for about $300. So i curious & i ask them separately, how much to run whole house, both of them quoted me $500. So that means your $550 is quite OK. I did not run the whole house, everything else looks ok, so i did not change it. HDB & town council said those 2 plumbers that they supply, their services for me are considered private arrangement, so they can charge me anything, & i can negotiate anything without their interference. But bec they are associated with HDB & town council, they will not "anyhow anyhow". U know what i mean? If they do sloppy work or overcharge, then people will call HDB & town council to complain. HDB & town council give them a lot of business, so they will not want to create trouble for them. Actually hor, since this is private transaction, i can also enquire from another plumber associated with other HDB area office or other area town council & compare compare with these 2 fellows. But bec my toilet choke & waste water pipe picha, very nice smell, so there's some urgency. Hope the above is beneficial to people who is contemplating pipe change.
  14. So far so good maybe bec u are careful and never drag things, depends on user. I saw a few postform choices that looked like marble from a distance, in the end i chose woodbark bec the marble design does not match the fire red colour of my laminate. Have picture, but i don't know how to insert pic, failed a few times previously.
  15. Mine just installed today, i am cleaning now, $2000 for about 23ft include post form top. Solid surface is nice when new, but can get scratches. I was told that post form is more scratch resistance, yet cheaper. When i was at the factory, i tested and used a pen to scratch