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  1. ohh yessa, me luv pumpkin muffins - such natural sweetness! times when im 'cheesy', i'll do chives-&-cheese muffins, but tis a saltish muffin instead of sweet muffins. btw, even tho we may be buying a countertop-oven, we have in fact designed a cabinet space for it so that it doesnt sit on the countertop (me dun like things 'sittig around' hehe).... space may not be our problem, but WE JUZ PREFER all-in-one equipments, thats all hi wtg54, have u 'checked-in' to renotalk.com already ?? btw, im no expert in cooking. mayb its my lack of skill or whatever other reasons, i find that ovens that do not hit 300degrees-celsius are no good for browning grilled food... i mean, some people dun mind grilling food without the final browning, so they probably suffice with ovens hitting maximum 250degrees-celsius. so its ur style that will determine your choice of oven. if u take some time to look into the panasonic website, they do specify the temperature range. im not in singapore right now, cant tell u exactly how much (my)3-in-1 cost now, or how much (your)2-in-1 cost... why not u go find out the price tag for both models and share with us la
  2. hi homeowner, missed u! how's u enjoying your new house? my reno remains the same as we had stepped out on our honeymoon 6-mths ago. but, honeymoon ending soon, will be coming back to pick up the remaining work. come grab me for coffee when u r free all these while i had been baking on conventional oven. personally never tried the new option before, though the general reviews tat i got from bakers is that they serve the purpose just as good (they said: not better, no worst either). hi wtg54, hey u sengkang oso if i had chosen a 2-in-1 (ie. microwave-cum-convection, without steam), this is the Panasonic model tat i will buy NN-C2003SYPQ its BIG - 42litres... only thing that i do prefer NON-turntables. mayb u dun mind. tink its half the price of 3-in-1.
  3. sounds like u had done ur research too. why dun u share u share your finds here then... steam microwave food will not be dry.
  4. tink is plus/minus $800. waiting for xmas sales to buy!! if u do a calculation of a cost of buying a steam-microwave, plus a built-in conventional oven... tink its far more than tis price la;)
  5. Enough had been discussed about built-in ovens, thought i'll start a topic on the less covered countertop ovens. some of us chose/choosing countertop oven for various reasons. let's share our choices & reviews here la This is the PANASONIC multifunctional countertop oven that we'll be using : Model NN-CS-596AYPQ . it's steam cum convection (bake & grill) cum microwave. we are fascinated with having all-in-one-machines, especially sleek-lookng things
  6. i can imagine that if we have a need for racks in our dry-store, we will put up the same GORM shelves we had put up in the food store. afterall, it takes up to 50kg per shelf... since we had only suitcases in the dry store, there i sno need for any racks.
  7. for the food-store, we're putting up IKEA's GORM pine shelves. its DIY, can finish off with paint coat too if u like;) u can find them on ikea catalogue, but not theonline website.
  8. how big a capacity must the washer & dryer be to wash - king size bed linens, comforter - 3-seater sofa cover
  9. hi folks, why do u choose ES-AG1150 instead of ES-AG750 ??? is it cos the price difference is alot? ...afterall ES-AG750 is also around 7kg, but water consumption seems almost half of the other, according to their specification.
  10. oh, so this is a pretty common curtain fabric... didnt know tat:p thanks gendon!
  11. Have u seen this kind of curtain in Spore? its white mesh weaved into lace patterns. Curtain close-up
  12. rummi


    Have u seen this kind of curtain in Spore? its white mesh weaved into lace patterns. Curtain close-up
  13. me guess, u bought this one, http://ikea.com.sg/products/product_display.asp?id=2860 ?? thought of seahorse before, but thy dun do king-sizes:p
  14. smart is your IKEA mattress 'stiff as platform'? cos this is a pre-requisit for my mattress. some says i may as well sleep on the floor. hehe
  15. Brushing aside the array of luxurious mattresses in the market, has anyone bought & slept on an IKEA mattress??
  16. oh, btw, tink i ought to mention tis. legrand also has a range of 'everyday' switches, which is priced at (u got it;) 'everyday' 'everyone's price. so no need to break the budget just to buy clipsal. the expensive ones are designer range such as metallic finishes, flourocarbon coated casing, etc... happy shopping!
  17. meow, 3 kitties !! they r beautiful. as to the switches, i saw some electrical shops & hardware shops carrying them in loose pieces. MK is especially common. once in a while they have clipsal too... though i've never seen legrand in the shop. comparing the brands... hmm... lets say clipsal & legrand are the UK & French version of each other in the same market. whereas MK is the cheaper 'copycat' version of the more expensive brands. if u are really interested in LEGRAND, may have to ask your electrician to go get from shops that supply to construction projects. hope these helps;)
  18. hmm, in fact, the MK-brand also have those big button switches - AT HALF THE PRICE TAG u r lucky woman to have both the parents & the pet. do u hv ur kitty foto to show?
  19. HEY, u r an SK EA too;) the legrand switches are beautiful- saw & played with them before i left spore in april... in fact, im still in new zealand right now. even though th eelctrician has not billed me yet, the price tag will be hefty. unless u have exposed switches in prominent locations, these may be considered luxury items= not a necessity:p
  20. hey, thanks a lot both! good to hear tat much considerations had been made towards a pet i was previously rather concern about the cat jumping off the balcony, despite being only on the 3th floor....
  21. im IN , NOT FROM. hehe so tat means no problem owning a cat then. yeah yeah do they need a license too (like dogs)? if so, any trouble getting one with HDB address? u on any pet's forum or group? meow. MEOW ohh, do u kitten-proof your house? is it necessary at all?
  22. Despite the 'Cats ownership not allowed in HDB flat' regulation, any of you still kept a cat in your house??
  23. WAH! so 'bachelor' indulge in any special activities??? hehe im single everyday in NZ, between 8am to 5pm too:p
  24. hi homeowner, juz saw your reno-pics its all over. hehe. got thing for u... im sad, freezing my A## in new zealand right now (since last month). coming back for good in oct. do stay in touch on email;)