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  1. u can tries Pol-Art Mable 284-286 Changi Road. tel: 64474026
  2. new stylemaster flexi foam 8" mattress for sale due to unable to fit into my guest room. Price at S$150 Cash and Carry http://imageshack.com/a/img836/1773/c684.jpg .http://imageshack.com/a/img30/9326/i2ut.jpg
  3. Finally able to up load photos,. Thanks to my I.E giving me problem...
  4. Finally able to up load photos,. Thanks to my I.E giving me problem...
  5. trying to post from imageshack but can't up load it, sigh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. My newly installed tempered glass sliding door shower screen with special designed and function are very awesome done by ah liong 92969444 from Fortune ART friendly and patience guy i like it. http://imageshack.com/a/img571/1802/cbd2.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img46/3376/oaqv.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img706/8340/u1vd.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img707/5237/vlxa.jpg
  7. you can try ah beng 98299063 did my hoiuse recently very good price and service
  8. MC= managment council haha... like that you got a difficult neigbour to deal with.. Did the estate managing agent (M.A) come to your place to carry out an investigation to establish the cause of the leak ? After that M.A will Coordinate give both party a letter. If really can't solve you can go to BCA or get lawyer to come in. All the damage and repair cost at your place cause by the leaks can claim from them. It is really long process... For your info I encountered 4 times with different condo with leakages above problem but all solved the longer took me 3 month. after warning them with lawyer letter. I think your previous owner also can't solve the problem good luck! Thanks guys.... Btw what is MC? I have tried to contact the unit above...rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, yelled "hello and excuse me" and as expected, nobody came out to answer the door eventhough I could hear the children inside and TV. Hmmm...not a good sign and I'm a new neighbour here
  9. your M.A still sleeping ... If I not mistaken the rule implemented by BCA on year 2004 Inter-floor leaks If there is an inter-floor leak, you and your neighbour are required to jointly carry out an investigation to establish the cause of the leak and proceed with the repair works. You should also both resolve the cost of repair. In cases like this, it is presumed that the leak has originated from the upper floor unit unless the owner can prove otherwise. Therefore, the owner of the upper floor unit cannot claim that the leak has not originated from a defect in his unit. He has to jointly investigate the cause with his lower-floor neighbour and proceed with any repairs required. Compliance with notices You must comply with any notice served by a public authority in relation to the maintenance of your lot. If you fail to respond to such a notice, the MC may arrange to have the required works carried out and recover the costs incurred as a debt owed to the MC from you [SECTION 30]. By-laws Dear All, I have a problem here...the pipe from unit directly above mine is leaking and causing a stain on my false ceiling. I live in a condo unit. Who is supposed to pay for the repair work? I consulted with the building management and he was telling me that the bill is supposed to be split 50-50% between me and owner of the unit above. Is this a common practice? I heard from some people that if the pipe belongs to other unit and causing damage to your unit, then the other unit's owner must pay up for the repair work. And this is exactly what I did when I stayed at previous condo...I paid up full for the repair work to the unit below me bcos of the waterproofing issue with my bathroom. Appreciate help and enlightenment from members here...thanks
  10. Statutory presumption of liability for inter-floor leakages 31 The Committee has heard that in disputes over inter-floor leakages, the fault is usually with the upper floor unit. This is so in the majority of such disputes heard by the STB. Despite this, the upper floor unit owners tend to be uncooperative, and drag on the dispute resolution process unnecessarily. Therefore, the Committee is agreeable to the proposal that the Bill attributes a rebuttable presumption of liability to the upper floor unit owner for such cases that are handled by the STB. 32 Sir, this presumption of liability will make upper floor unit owners more responsive to lower unit owners who have to bear with the inconvenience and distress as long as the leakages remain unresolved. This will facilitate and expedite the resolution of such disputes.
  11. last time I ever engaged PUB to did checking on concealed water pipe leakage problem, but the department has been ceased the service. you still can call them they will recommend you to private company. another way to DIY yourself. turn off all the tap (include WC flashing)take the water meter readingwait for at least 4 hours and check the meter again, if leak you can see the reading differentif water pipe leak you have to get the contractor with instrucment to determine which part of the pipe leaks.
  12. I overlay my bathroom and balcony tiles too, but make sure the tiler roughen the old tiles before apply layer of W1 with cement
  13. hey can you tell me how to post photos on forum?

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