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  1. I am thinking of using plastic lumber for the decking of my roof terrace. Cos it is low maintenance. Anyone used it before?
  2. Whats the difference in price for the iron gate and the chengai gate? Which is cheaper? Which is more lasting? I just got my landed house. First time staying in landed.
  3. revving this thread. Anyone used ls2 recently? How's their service and charges?
  4. I am considering white space living for my new place. I was recommended by a friend who was very pleased with their works. However the id he engaged is presently on sabbatical. Is there any updated review on this company and which ID guy should I get, if I was to engage this firm? TIA.
  5. You can search internet for the floor plan or you can go down to the management office of the condo and purchase it. Btw, which condo is it? Also which type of unit are you looking at? Perhaps I can help you find in the internet.
  6. The waterproofing specialist came today. I am so disappointed that they did only grouting of the leaky spots on my ceiling and will not be doing the water proofing for the roof above my unit. Apparently the management did not mention that in their quotation. I am about to seek legal action. The problem is that I don't have my previous emails that I emailed to the mcst as they did not reply. How should I proceed?
  7. Hi calaislily i assume you are living in a private apartment or condo? As recommended by the other forummers, get management to issue a letter to the unit above. They are bound by the by-laws to ensure that they rectify the matter within a reasonable time. Otherwise you can take legal action. You have no obligation to pay at all. The upper unit has to ensure the problem is rectified and pay the contractor to do your unit once the problem is solved. In fact the onus is on them to get a contractor and not you.
  8. You need to get the approval of your MCST first. Then for safety sake, you should get an engineer to assess and build the loft for you. You need to make sure that the loft is safe and able to stand the weight. I know some people just get their contractor or ID to make that extra level, but i personally will be worried about safety.
  9. Is this allowed? Will the roof terrace will be able to take the weight of the room? This site is for container office. Don't know if it will be helpful. http://www.container.sg/index.html
  10. Hi, finally the management will be sending a waterproofing specialist to do the roofing! Previously I have emailed them but they never replied. The person in charge of the job keeps on changing, that's why the delay. So far my whole ceiling looks damp with some areas peeling. I hope the repair will be something longstanding. Btw, does anyone know how long is the guarantee for roof waterproofing?
  11. Hi, you may refer to this website. http://www.ura.gov.sg/circulars/text/dchbr/pt1landedhousing-dchbr.pdf Look at pages 23 and 24 which are applicable to your question. From the looks of it, it appears that you are not allowed to do so. But do ask your architects as they will be the one to provide you with the expert opinion. Cheers!
  12. Does he have to engage an engineer to do that? Is the extra level structurally sound?
  13. The flat tiled roof is not within my reach. One need a key to access that area which also has the water tank and pump up there. If it were my area, I would have repaired it from the very start. It is really a headache as i will be either selling or renting out my unit soon. Also there is another problem. When it rains, a column of my wall becomes moist and now the lower unit neighbour is complaining that their ceiling is turning yellow and the paint is bulging out.
  14. Part of the roof is tile and flat. The sides are covered with a metal piece and sloped. The area of concern for the time being is the flat tiled area.