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  1. Hi folks, This is probably not the first time this topic is being breached, but I have a less than cooperative upstairs neighbour who is refusing to help fix the leak in their floor, its causing water droplets to form on the ceiling walls in my apartment, despite brand spanking new renovation, including chemical plastering of the said ceiling. I wanted to know what kind of recourse do I have in such a situation? The apartment is a collection of walk-up flats in the east, without a MCST, however it has a management agent. How do I gently persuade the neighbour to fix the issue? Also, is there a law governing expenses etc. in such a situation? Many thanks for your time and kind inputs. Happy CNY to whoever is celebrating!
  2. Hi, I am looking for pipes as shown in this image (the link below), trying to build a custom table, would you know where I can find the pipes and joints? Many thanks! http://hindsvikathome.com/?p=3167