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  1. No pics leh.. Too chui to show the world LOL. Oh ya is it better for me to get this items on my own then leaving them to renovator ? Things like -cooker hob hood -toiletbowl n basin -heater -windows n grills -main gate n door -bedroom doors -aircon Can save more right? Can bargain and more shop to choose from
  2. Then for those package that comes with hacking, i can ask for a lower pricing right? Since only hacking toilets.
  3. LOL haha oh ya should call it laying haha. So its more cost effective right? Cannot be hack away the cement and relay haha..
  4. Is overlay better for me? As there will less worries of tiles below popping.. Need to cut cost cost really changing alot of things.
  5. Hi aron. Pls quote me mit.starmex inverter system 2 thx Need bracket as well.
  6. Hi guys im planning to do a full renovation for my 3-room hdb (40 yrs old) The flooring based is hdb stock cement through out the living/bedrooms/kitchen. Even kitchen wall has no tiles. The only places that has tiles are a small area of the balcony floor , common toilet floor and master room toilet floor n wall. ( done by hdb abt 6-7 years ago during upgrading in my area) Have been using those flooring thin sheets to lay all this years. Im wondering am i suitable to use overlay method to do my flooring? Since there isnt any tiles at most places and i can spend on other place like replacing all the doors , gate n windows and also aircon. I supposed cement n sand would be used right? Would it be able to smooth out my old not so perfect cement floor?