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  1. When I use my power drill (also borrowed from friend to make sure mine is not the cause) and run into tight spots, my RCCB and MCB (both the one with single push switch and the one with dual push switch) will trip, turning off all my electricity. So I bought a 10mA RCD plug http://www.horme.com.sg/product.aspx?id=2217 hoping no need to keep resetting the MCB. I also changed the RCCB but problem still there. But the tripping still happens. Is there any other thing I can do?
  2. Selling table frames, details as follows: 2 pieces of "T"-shaped legs, assemble required (photo #2 shows 1 "T" before assembly) Width and Length in photo #4. Height: 43.5cm (without the adjust screw) to 46cm. Colour: Baked paint, low-gloss white. Comes with 12 screws and allen key. Weight/pair: 3 kg. Max loading: 150kg. Please PM to deal. Thank you.
  3. Please view on Carousell https://carousell.com/p/41395617/. If you are interested, please contact me via Carousell or PM on Renotalk. Thank you.
  4. Hi, had this lost of power problem in the last week. Hope some qualified electrician can advise or point me in the right direction. Flat: HDB 5 room, built in late 90's Renovated, rewired and replaced all switches, MCB, ELCB 2 years ago. In the course of last 8 days, I've had 2 lost of power, the power came back on within less than 3 seconds without me having to reset the breaker. The appliances that were on during the time: lights (4/5 ceiling lights), fridge, computers. (split unit A/C were turned off at mains). Today I think the power went off longer because my laptop auto shutdown (not power off) by itself. It only does this when AC power is cut off and it goes into battery mode for more than 10-15 minutes. Neighbours don't have or didn't notice this problem. Really really appreciate any advise. Thank you.
  5. Do folding door. It's lighter and easier to maintain. You can even find those trackless-at-bottom type. Sliding glass door, then you need soft close. Don't think overall will be cheap. And I really dislike something on the floor that traps water and dirt, and the pain (physical pain) when you step on the tracks, worse than foot reflexology.
  6. The LED is with a small driver type with plug straight into 220vAC. You can still use the 35W big driver above but need to crimp the wires/connector yourself. You should buy the power supply as below, from the same buyer: http://img03.taobaocdn.com/imgextra/i3/876800616/T208AlXlRaXXXXXXXX_!!876800616.jpg
  7. DIY. 1 point difficult to get people to do.
  8. Hi, My toilet has only 1 lighting point and I am thinking of adding an exhaust fan to it. Can I "extend" the lighting point and use it to power the exhaust? Mounting the exhaust is not an issue as I am not removing the glass. My challenge is the nearest 13A is too far and I want to avoid drilling holes on the wall tiles for a 13A switch outside the toilet.
  9. My experience, having lived in a flat with cement flooring: Good: Looks: rustic Cost to do: low Bad: Attracts scratches because everyone thinks "it's rustic" so they drag the chairs, tables, boxes etc on the flooring. And these scratch marks are like scratch marks on wood, can't be covered. What's worse, the scratch marks exposes the cement powder to the air. Someone left a box with adhesive tapes underneath it. The glue on the tapes sticked to the flooring. Cleaning with alcohol rubbed off the layer of protection on the flooring and now there is a ugly patch.
  10. My experience after living in 4 places with tiles, laminates, parquet... Tiles - OK but difficult to replace when cracked and too cold (parents old liao) Parquet - $$$$$$$, difficult to maintain Laminate - Vinyl - Seriously considering for my resale flat Chemical wise, everything also emit chemical - from the glue in the cabinets, mercury from fluorescent and CFL to the PVC material in some carpets. Hack, even the coloring on the tiles are chemicals. So I would take my chance with vinyl.
  11. Wow, please PM me the names. Thanks
  12. I just got a q I just got 3 quotes for my 5I resale (1370 sqft). Highest quote - 77K before nego, includes removal of old and install new kitchen cabinets/counter tops, toilet cabinets, tables/cabinet for bedrooms, shelves for living room, change of windows, hacking of 2 walls, erection of 2 walls, change all wiring, wall/floor tiles, labour to install lighting, sanitary wares. Price excludes: furniture, appliances, light fittings, sanitary wares. Good luck nego'ing
  13. Did you manage to get quotes for your windows? Do you mind sharing them? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I am looking at replacing the balcony railings at my apartment. Any recommendations for contractors? Thanks
  15. Hi all, Would like to ask for advise and quote to add shower and WC facility (already have 1 shower and 1 WC) in a HDB shophouse. Is it feasible (nevermind the cost for now)? We just need additional shower and WC since we have had an increase in number of staffs. Thanks.