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  1. hallo haaa I think u & ur husband must have went to wrong company....City design where got go exihibition ???? They stop so long ago.

    Sorry I happen to know coz we attend so many times exixbition even b4 we got our place & coz 1of my good fren is their big time supplier. That's Y we went to them for reno & they r good in their designs (very creative) & prices reasonable...

  2. Hi booboo, I'm also into stainless steel marble tables! Mind sharing your contact number on where to get the marble and steel ? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Could some kind soul PM me Benedict's contact ? Thanks!
  4. Hi, May I know where can I get marble kitchen top ? E.g. which shop specialize on it ? How much will this roughly cost p.f.r ? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the suggestion. We will try to negotiate additional stuff prices with them first. If still fails, complain to the manager (I got hold of the sales' manager contact) and bang table if necessary. I am just afraid if we decide to just take basic package only and cut the additional work, they will do sloppy job.
  6. Yeah, I just saw another thread of ppl with the same situation. These companies doing this really shld be reported to Case. I dun mind throw away $800 as very expensive learning fee. But the T&C said 20% cancellation policy of total package which amount to $3600. But if they haven't done any work (not even 3D and material selection), can we cancel this agreement ?
  7. Hi, Need some help from experts here. I signed up ID basic package during reno exhibition and paid $800 deposit (kena sweet talk by ID). The first 20% deposit is not paid yet. I'm actually quite disappointed with the service now, they were so fast in reply before we give $800 deposit during reno exhibition, but now the service really slow. Also some of the additional stuff that were quoted during expo end up different now. Like I wanted to upgrade from laminated flooring to parquet, previously the ID say no problem, very cheap one, just add $1 persqf. Now end up $3.5 psf leh... (Feel sorry we didn't ask him to write in black and white instead just verbally) The prices of other additional carpentry that we want to top up to the package also makes the package not attractive anymore. I hv a feeling since we already paid deposit on basic package, can slaughter us when we want to top up additional work. We feel like cancelling the service. FYI, until know, the company have not done any service, I mean, they only come up with quo and crude design from 2D floor plan. There's no 3D picture or detailed drawing yet. Do you know if it's possible to do so cos we have signed this basic package ? Can we get the money back ? Cheers!
  8. Ya, actually my dream wedding is more towards ang-moh style... In the morning, hold the church wedding with choir (I was a church choir too), pianist, flower girls and flower boy. At the end of ceremony, take photo together with friends and familty in front of church. Then, do the flower bouquet throwing to unmarried ladies. (The lady that can catch the bouquet is believed to be next-in-line to get married). Then whisked away in a car with 'just married' sign. Followed by lunch wedding banquet in hotel, so hoping to be able to book a place with lots of windows for natural light to go in. Started with wedding march and first wedding dance, followed by champagne toasting, before commencing the lunch. Then the usual speech, and video/picture montage. The usual round the table to take picture and congratulates. At the end of the lunch, hopefully people will join us in the dance floor. Hehe... dream too much... thanks for reading this
  9. Thanks for all your encouragement. Hopefully can shift church ceremony from 10 am to 3 pm, so at least can continue with dinner nicely... Wah, but if having lunch buffet + wedding dinner, our budget won't cover that
  10. This is not true. There's no 30K or 40K discount when first timer is buying NEW flat. SERS replacement flat is a new flat. So, SERS replacement flat still have additional discount, because it's priced as NEW flat PLUS 30K discount.
  11. Thanks for all the advice... Definitely need to discuss this with hubby again. The problem is now my church ceremony is in morning, if we have our wedding banquet for dinner, then there's no continuation. The guests may end up just attend to dinner and not the church ceremony, because there's so long lapse time... For me, the church ceremony is pretty important and I wanted more people to attend if possible. Sigh... now confused... confused...
  12. But hoh.. that means if do it during lunchtime, can cut beer and wine expenses hehe... But you're rite, depend on the crowd. I went to wedding luncheon before, people still drink a lot, but that wedding got a lot of ang moh coming, they drink day and nite one. Yeah, if want to do wedding lunch, can only do it on sat / sun. I don't think the hotel has weekday wedding lunch package, sure no one attend one.
  13. Currently thinking of Four Seasons, cos there's big windows at the end of ballroom, so natural light can come in during lunchtime, pretty nice. But still considering a few hotels, haven't decide. Good thing is easy to get a slot, cos less people 'fight' for lunchtime wedding. Even good dates are still available. We are also thingking of slightly western style wedding. With live music and dance floor area (so can do bride/groom first dance). Feel that it's slightly different with typical standard wedding. But this one may need to do dinner time one.
  14. Hi all, We are thinking of holding wedding luncheon. Our church wedding service is in morning, so wanted to follow that with wedding luncheon in hotel. Anyone has been in wedding luncheon ? How's the ambience ? It may not be as glam as dinner wedding, but I thought it would be relaxing, as ppl won't rush to go home. Also, will people give much less ang pao for lunch wedding ? The wedding during lunchtime is cheaper, but we are thinking of going for 5 star hotel that still costs ard $80 per pax for lunch... Will we lose a lot ? Anyone that has conducted wedding luncheon care to share the experience ?
  15. We got our notice of SERS compensation around 8 months after the announcement of SERS site. Way before collection of keys and even choosing new replacement flat.