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  1. So yours is ok la huh? I agree with you... oh well
  2. Didn't/can't do much now. Gonna wait till after I move in, or after reno is more or less completed.
  3. I saved this pic before too! Actually I wanted to do concrete base only for sink support, but contractor says cannot cos "not nice". zzZzzz. Maybe you can check with him if can stick laminate over? Update me on this hor! Though it's too late for me to change anything now, but it's good to know
  4. Ya, i thought it should lighten a bit after acid wash but apparently it doesn't! I told A that it looks really dirty and he replied "that's why I don't like to use black". He didn't warn me about this lor. I asked to level 2 uneven floor tiles. Will drop by this evening to check the results. Fingers crossed.
  5. Just curious, how do you "seamlessly surround it with wood? Concrete support have to lay tiles on its exterior right? Then you stick laminate over?
  6. It's $299 but is bigger than Ikea. And comes in gorgeous orange that matches my theme colour!
  7. Thanks for the info. I am considering either this one or CB2 one which is bigger and in gorgeous orange colour!
  8. Thanks for the info! I tried out this drawer at ikea before, but the drawer is a bit hard to pull in and out, as in not smooth enough. I wonder if it's the display set's problem? Summersann, is yours ok?
  9. Then ok la, just go with Alan's estimation should not be too far. If not enough, you him and ask him to sponsor the rest lor
  10. Z3phy is using an ID if i remember correctly...
  11. I really dunno... Tiling has completed quite a while ago, I don't see the tiling uncle anymore. I have asked contractor to re-do one of the floor tile cos the unevenness is not acceptable to me. As for the rest, maybe I will just live with it... sigh. Huh, first time I heard that using 60x30 must top up. I thought 60x30 is quite common. Did you top up cos the particular tile you chose cost more psf, or it's solely for the workmanship?
  12. Hey, does the table top sit on the ikea drawer unit nicely? Or is there actually a space to pull it out? May I know the length of your table top? Thanks very much!
  13. You can also give your wall dimensions to the JB craftbrick contact, she can advise you on the amount needed.
  14. My tiler uncle doesn't have moustache... And this is after acid wash, I thought acid wash may lighten grout line a bit. Any idea how do they clean up? I am thinking of using scraper to scrap it out myself I spoke to my contractor already, he says seldom got home owners use such tofu tiles and as they are considered small tiles, this kind of workmanship is considered good already.
  15. Not sure if it's not aligned here but there are other spots where my tofu tiles are not aligned. This is not the workmanship standard I was expecting... Sigh. And there are other spots near the floor where the black grouting looks exceptionally dirt.
  16. Met the curtain uncle on Saturday. Here are the fabrics we chose: Dimmer curtain for living hall. Blackout curtain for MBR. Actually is dimmer or blackout more suitable for living hall? I am only doing one layer, so no day curtain. I kinda prefer the pattern of the MBR blackout curtain than the dimmer fabric I chose for living hall. Zebra blinds for study room. Also chose a blackout blind for WIW but forgot to take pix.
  17. I paid close to S$20 for it. I have a phobia for mould so I'd rather throw than to clean it. Now I'm praying hard my other loots (eg my rubbish bins and plastic side tables) won't have mould growing on them. I am now storing them in my new place storeroom in their original boxes.
  18. Wow, tangs selling it for $159?! Hmmm... maybe it makes sense to get it from Amazon.
  19. Looking good! So your shoe cabinet is the one using nyatoh wood. How come the horizontal slates seem to be of a different colour tone from the cabinet body? Were they oiled/lacquered?
  20. Cast iron is SUPER HEAVY! You sure u wanna ship them in? Lodge is available in Singapore actually... I'm eyeing a cast iron skillet too, but will buy after I move in.
  21. I don't know whether is it normal for black grouting to look so dirty? And this is after acid wash. Any idea how to remove part of the grouting, especially those on the marble skirting?
  22. Received my TB loots today. My zakka box has mould growing all over! Was so disgusted that I threw it away. I suspect it could be due to prolonged storage... could be seller has been storing it for quite a while. Or it could be due to prolonged storage at amcon's warehouse in GZ and Sg, cos i arranged for delivery only one week after it reaches Sg.
  23. Cos my door would be that metal painted black, so I'd prefer runner to be black. It's a bit hard to describe, but it has different shades of brown, kinda resemble rust. Here's a pic of it (the right one).