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  1. Will hold back on this. Need to spend a fair bit on kitchen now and have to save money elsewhere. Thanks anyway!
  2. Yes, please watch your reno closely! Regardless of which contractor one uses, it helps to go down often just to see see look look.
  3. Yah, you should have it changed. This reminds me of my socket position in kitchen, his sub con did it too far in (near to corner of my L shape cabinet) so I have stretch my arm all out to reach it. Plan to use this point to boil water daily. Wall tiles already done, but I guess I will ask him about this too.
  4. Engaging cleaning company is pretty expensive! So fast most of the quotations I got are $400 plus. Not sure if I should engage one if one round isn't enough.
  5. spikedoll & summersann, did either of you engage company to do post-reno cleaning? I'm looking for one. If you have good one to recommend, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Congrats! Hehe. Are you using eubiq? Just curious, how much did it cost u? Did you build top cabinet covering part of your window?
  7. Yes, this one! You are right, won't really notice the misalignment.
  8. At least one week i must say... Sometimes longer if they are very busy.
  9. Thanks ongcs and dragonnite. Does dragonnite method requires more configuration? I scared I duno how to config! I'm using mac, so have to check if the router or GE switch can work on mac OS?
  10. Eh, hope i don't confused u further... Have you thought of doing top and bottom cabinets where your mark out the full height cabinet (as per what someone suggested earlier), then put a small dining table beside the fridge? I know storage space is a concern for you as you don't have a storeroom. If budget permits, can try to have more carpentry in other parts of the house? For instance, horizontal top cabinet along the length of living room? Or if you have small recessed areas beneath the window, can do cabinets there as well. Can take a look at this project here, it's a one room flat with horizontal top cabinet storage space. http://www.homerejuvenation.com.sg/2012/05/home-rejuvenated_28.html
  11. I'm back with pix. So there are actually 2 LAN port inside there, I think one port leads to the LAN port in living room, the other leads to LAN port in study. ongcs and dragonnite, any idea how?
  12. Erm.. is this advice for me? Anyway, will take a picture of the db box hopefully later and post up here. Thanks guys!
  13. Jiat lat, i dun understand what you are saying... If I remember correctly, there is 1 LAN port in ST. What is same ssid, patch panel and daisy chained? If it helps... mine is a resale condo, I believe the developer already have the LAN faceplate installed, with a string inside for contractor to pull cat 6 cable and link up the LAN (if what I understand is correct). What the contractor did was to pull the cat 6 cable through the LAN port and also did the prep work for opennet to install the fibre optic cos we have to do it concealed as per condo management's rule. I told him how/where I wanna use my devices and he told me all I have to do is to buy wireless access point and use at the two LAN port.
  14. When he installed cat6 lan points for me. Er, possible to explain in layman terms what's the difference between wap and router? And what do u mean by future proof, what additional features that may come in handy in future?
  15. Ha, looks like with floor plan, it's so much easier for u to advise... Ask you hor, my contractor said I can use wireless access point. So should i get WAP or router? Thanks.
  16. ST is where TP and LAN point are already installed. There is power socket there as well so plan to ask Starhub to install the ONT there. Bedroom 2 in the floor plan is where my study will be located. No changes to MBR. To recap, there is 1 LAN point on the wall (the longer side leading to main door) somewhere in between living and dining. Another LAN point in study (BR2) near the window.
  17. Thanks. i forgot to add, there is a LAN point beside the TP location, which is inside tat little "room" with a door where db box is. Also plan to install ONT inside. If I connect the ONT to this particular LAN point, does it mean I can get wired access to laptop from the LAN point in my study? I already got cat 6 installed for all LAN point.
  18. Pai seh, I'm confused also. TP = opennet termination point? What is ONT?
  19. Before you mentioned, I didn't know there is a 01 and 02! I bought the 01 which I think is the version on display at local dealer. No idea what's the difference between 01 and 02 though. I am not changing shower set, just change the showerhead only.
  20. I'm using powerline at my current place and it's not stable at certain times... totally no connection for a duration, though I'm not sure whether is it due to the powerline adaptor or other issues. N sometimes certain website works only on safari, can't work on firefox I already got cat 6 cable run around 2 LAN points in the house, one in living room, one in study. Erm, so you suggest I use a strong router to connect to ONT inside the DB box? My DB box is housed inside a super mini room of sorts (small enough to stand one person kind), there is a wooden door in front, unless I don't close this door at all, will wifi from the router be strong enough to reach living room? Regarding the configuration at your parents' place, "another router configured as an AP is located in the study" - is this LAN point --> router? and what's a "AP"?
  21. I've actually ordered kohler flipside from amazon! Saw that it was discounted around US$20 from its already quite reasonable price, so fast chiong! More items on my amazon wish list just that haven't order yet. Hehe.
  22. I'm also using the peranakan-like tile! Are u using it in kitchen or service yard? Not sure if you notice, but the pattern square doesn't seem to align properly when I have pattern 1 & 2 laid side by side
  23. I think layout 2 and 3 make more sense, cos the working triangle is more compact/ shorter walking distance. Personally I prefer layout 2. For layout 1, imagine while cooking, u need to get something from fridge and then walk over to the sink to wash it.... No offence ya.
  24. Thanks, ongcs! I'll go see what I can do based on yours and dragonnite advice.
  25. Love your black conduits and copper pipes! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your reno journey