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  1. Hi, may I know the name of your ID and the company? Love your kitchen cabinets... and all the TB stuff you used! :P

  2. Hi, I didn't know that such a rule exist. Our helper's room door is opening into the kitchen. If you decide to stick to the original design, maybe you can let the HDB officer know that you will just use it as an utility/study room. For safety purpose, you just have to make sure your helper has a set of keys to slide open the window grilles when there is a real fire.
  3. We used Helping Hands for our move. Reasonably priced, fast and good. And they are located very close to your new place. You can call them down to your current place to get a quote.
  4. Good, another B&W house. Will stay tuned for your progress. My sis has the same exact layout in SK. Yes, the living room is spacious which is good, especially when you have kids to run around or hosts house parties with many guests. Bedroom 2 can comfortably fit two singles, and Bedroom 3 one single and study table.
  5. I bought my wooden blinds from him. He charges in SGD now and remember to haggle as I am sure his prices have inflated with all the business he his getting thru' RT.
  6. The black-white blinds gives the extra chill-out vibe to the balcony area. Please also let me know where you got them from.
  7. Hi blackainmamba, My kitchen cabinet doors, like the rest of my carpentry, uses plywood. It was spray painted for effect. You are right, it is more prone to chipping compared to laminates. The carpenter had to fill over the chipped areas after the cabinets were installed. Just make sure they leave you with some of the filler powder for future damage control.
  8. Hi potatoes, here are the etsy links where I got the decals. Children Room Wall decal Laundry Room decal
  9. Hi Vanessa, my ID got them from Hup Kiong (Defu) for $6.50 psf (before GST).
  10. Hi Sevano, PM-ed. Hi Ketua, here is a full view of the glass door. There is another piece of fixed glass panel that sits on top of the kitchen counter.
  11. hi texas5, I'm not using HERF at the main door. I'm using tiles for the foyer area. But here is a pic of what it may look like. You can paste a strip vertically and the cap goes over it. Best get your ID/contractor to talk to the Evorich salesperson and get them to advise what is recommended for the main door.