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  1. Hi bro Can advise on what size " is suitable for living room of a 5room flat 110sqm. Is the 18kw led strong enough?
  2. Thanks sis. Saw your tread, your house is huge! He like your "trolley" cabinet in your kitchen housing those condiments but our ID advise before if our cabinet is "floating" cannot do this kind of "trolley" cabinet..We will check with her again cos we believe it is really handy when trying to cook
  3. As our renovation has started, we will as and when slot in some pictures of the on-going renovation process between our story parts No time to go to site to monitor the progress, have to ask my bro to help.. tiles hacked: debris:
  4. Part 2 - Master bedroom existing condition LIMITED CONFIGURATION Looking at the floor plan, there is only 2 ways to place the bed: 1. either place the bed behind the air-con ledge, or 2. place the bed like how it is how in the picture Problem is we would wish to have a TV in our room (although we have not switched on our room TV since our baby is born). Either configuration 1 or 2 above would have difficulties placing/ mounting the TV...Eventually we decided to leave this problem to the professionals to think for us Also, he does not like there is small window to be opened to access to air-con ledge (top left in 1st picture). He find it is just not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There isn't much of a choice here right (this is structural), he can carry on complaining till he is happy. End of part 2 Part three will narrate a little of our thoughts, display some concepts/ ideas we like, and the 3D drawings we have.
  5. Haha no choice, cash down significantly after paying for COV. Must applaud those at power landing us and many others to such predicament... We never really need to cook in our life, we certainly want to explore into cooking after our renovation and see if we are born with such talents to do a mid-life career change to a cook/ pastry/ dessert chef. LOL
  6. Part 2 - Bed rooms existing condition PLAIN VANILLA.. Nothing to shout about, bare minimum stuff left behind. Not sure if the space in these bedrooms look small.. We aim of putting 2 beds, 1 wardrobe, and 1 study table in one of the rooms. Must think of some layout so it will still feel roomy after putting these items or....
  7. Part 2 - Living room existing condition SPACIOUS SPACE? He loves full height window glass panel! While ours cannot match to those beautiful full glass window commonly seen in newly built condo, we guess this is the closest it can be.. We have always felt the living room is very big and spacious, and especially so when one is to look at the floor plan. Let's see after renovation if this notion still hold water..He somehow feel that while spacious, it may not be that big after all....
  8. think your collection of pictures on concepts is very nice.. i love almost of them!
  9. Living room from Kitchen entrance: Living room from main door: Living room from bedroom:
  10. Part 2 - Kitchen existing condition COUNTRY STYLE Kitchen!! She loves and adores country style designs and has wanted to persuade him to consider going along with such style for our renovation. But she didn't really put in much effort in doing so as she is well aware he is very critical of country style and would never agree doing so. Hahaha He felt that country style is not suitable in singapore context (seldom see people going for such style, though in our house hunting we saw few units before). It is also not easy to maintain and most importantly he felt this style 不耐看 after a while (ie. loses its appeal within a short period). Coming back, as mentioned in our first post. The last renovation was done almost 13 years ago, so it may look a little run down (or this is just being country style LOL...)
  11. Sorry all, was tied up with work and also have to look after our baby at night. Now part 2 of our blog : - Floor plan (done) - Pictures of existing condition 1. Kitchen 2. Living room 3. Bedrooms He used to have more pictures (of the house) in his Note 2 few months back but the phone went short-circuit and all pictures is deleted because chip and board of the phone is changed all together when servicing. So the pictures we putting up is the last moments before we 动土 (ie. start renovation/ hacking the first few floor tiles). Pictures coming up next ....