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  1. Hi ivy Can I have a list of bad / good fs masters too dertoh7458@yahoo.com.sg Many tks
  2. What u see in this ship? A metal element or? DO u think it will improve your wealth or luck? To improve your ofice wealth or business, a lot of factors need to be considered like door facing, the place that u work etc.
  3. Last time, i engage a few 名师, which my life never really improve but get worse after one FS master suggested to me to paint my house green.... Get to know my current 师兄 which help me to improve my life using simple ornament that I can easily get from shop. With his help, my in law n friends have benifted from the xkfs. I am learning 玄空FS now n we r out there to help those poor n Esp those having critical/cancer illness with no charge. My master dun want to be named at this forum, for your understanding.
  4. hi, I dun share much in FS, but no problem with the bathroom at centre of the house. Not to worry. FS is how u apply the good energy and prevent the bad energy from hurting u.

  5. Sure. U can, but u must arrange in a way that the bed is at the good position
  6. I engage a few masters b4 n spent more than 10K... Already throw the ornaments away. My luck was bad for past over years.. But now my life getting better after seeking the right master .... Dun worry about your kua number with respect to your house, if u n your wife got diff kua number then how??? FS is used to make good for those stay at the same house, not only for u. Hope clarify ...
  7. FS is indeed good tool to help ppl if u handle it correctly n found a right Master. FS is science, put the expensive ornaments will not help if wrong methods are applied.
  8. Wow... Who is the FS master... Really have to spend do much on FS products......