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  1. For sale, Asking $25 fix. New is $55. Condition 9/10, Lightly used Viro Lock for Metal gate. About 1.5 years of usage Made in Italy, come with 3 keys. Deal at Jurong East MRT or Wcega Plaza(Bukit batok) or Teban Gardens SMS 9845 6918 or whatapps
  2. Self bend by pliers, round rod (diameter 4 to 6)for making 360 degree bend without nick. wire diameter prefer to be 1.0mm in diameter.
  3. 21027 TRAE FJL BIG RECT DINING TABLE 2100 x 1100 x 750mm In very good condition, Details at http://www.scanteak.com.sg/catalogue/dining-room/tables/21027-trae-fjl-big-rect-dining-table self-arrange transport, table legs can be disassemble. If interested, actual pics can be send. Asking $950, negotiable Pick-up location: Teban Gardens road SMS or what apps 9845 six-nine-one-eight
  4. Hi, I have the identical lighting as shown. The glass panel can dropped easily if not properly installed or gap are much for movement between the panel and the main holder. The glass panel have two u-shape for attaching to the holder. It can be adjusted and tighten by screw. Adjust the tightness on the panel to the holder to thing to do to reduce, not avoid because there is nothing to secure
  5. By the way, how to upload jpg file, i clicked image, it ask for URL? Yes, you are right, the length of piping or hot water travel distance affect the temperature. I estimated for my case, the flow distance is about 9 to11m. Given that most new flat come with hot and cold water pipe built inside the wall
  6. I am using the KDK V60 fan for past 6 months, good spread of air flow outside fanning area. Installation on the fan is important. i bought it Singapore for $360 though i know in JB, you can have the exact thing for 1/2 the price. i encounter unbalance fan when running at high speed (fan tilted to one side(5 to 10 degrees) after reaching max. fan speed for 20 seconds.. Managed to get the local agent guy to fix it. By right must pay for basic balancing for $40 or less. But the agent did not collect it. According to the service guy. the fan was not properly assembled to the ceiling. Example tightening force on all blade not the same causing wing vibrate differently. Also the central hut that hold the whole fan assembly was not tight. The balancing work by KDK (Capitol) was excellent. After balancng , I hardly can notice any wobbling at all. He spend 1 hours dismantling and assembly each wing. That is the good side of buying with local warranty. Not good side is, $160 more than JB counterpart.
  7. Some good and not good experience after using Rinnai REU-10RFM. Background: Just shifted to new HDB flat with built-in hot and cold water piping for 2 bathroom and 2 washing basin. i stay at 24 floor , highest floor at 40 storey. 1) City gas selling point is save on the electricity, yes it is does save electricity, instead 1200watt versus 40 watts, 2) it take quite a while to get heated water compare to electric heater (take 5 to 8 sec.) temp from 24deg to 42deg. My set take at least at 20 seconds to 35 seconds( average 22 seconds) to get from 24deg. to 42deg. Slow heating is fine for me, but waste water up to 10 litres each time is not good plus 20 to 35 seconds lost of gas for pre-heating. 3) But once heated water received, you can enjoy constant water temperature flow for long duration even with variable flow. electric heater is difficult. In short, gas heater are good when more people use it (more than 3) and continual. Else any bathing interval more than 15 mins need to heater up again is wasting water and gas. Maybe better to use electric heater instead..
  8. Hi have yamaha organ to let go fast, in working condition .good for kid. Only for $50 SMS9845 6918 TEBAN GARDENS