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  1. Hi all, i was trying to look for a thread at the tblog.. but dont seemed to be able to locate the thread anymore...perhaps it has been deleted... there's was this house that the owner tear down all the walls and make it open concept kitchen/dining/hall etc... the owner who posted in the thread took picture of the progress by "stitching" several photos together to allow us to see the view of the whole house! ... and there were v bold wallpapers used in the bedroom... the owner painted her beams in the house BLACK...and the tv console at the hall is actually an access into ano room area...very special and ***** ..v stunning impression left for me when i viewed the thread...however, i cant recall the ID firm and the ID mentioned by the owner ... and was trying my luck here searching but to no avail.. can any forumers here whom rem whom the owner was.. pm me his/her name ? or if you are the owner... pls pm me the contact for the ID you engage... i am sori to sound so desperate...thanks for looking... MTIA
  2. Hi brothers and sisters, anyone knows where to get hold of the contact for the supplier/installer for the following cabinet? need one for my balcony area...MTIA sori brother kreegz, borrow ur photo..tried to pm you but u dont accept pm..paiseh..
  3. hi all.. its too late now to chg my mind.. if u all wish to know which ID..do pm me..
  4. Hi kreez...your mailbox is full ..cant pm u..
  5. my blanco granite sink ...after installation by the plumber..does not look as BLACK and SMooth as the one we seen at the showroom.. even after scrubing off the white cement stain which my contractor DUMP in.. ( ) stil the same.. anyone hv the same prob? any suggestion to retain the "original"look? MTIA
  6. hi cha-alex...its really so?? sob sob..hubby was so freak out that we dec against it...i am gg to ask my ID abt it liao.. do u thk u can PM me your ID? my id quoted one of his project, that the black glossy laminates upon hand over were with defects that the owner COULD not accept it totally and he has to spend extra cost to rectify that... sob sob..it was my ideal dream kitchen...now i'm settled only on matt laminates....sob sob sob.,. thks aspella_matrix, will chk out ikea..
  7. my ID strongly disagree abt me going for glossy cabinet for kitchen!! he mentioned immediately after installation, the moment u removed the protective sheet.. u will see scratches almost everywhere???? this freaks me out and we dec against!! however, i ask him why is it so, he said is SO for glossy laminates???? anyone here hv installed glossy laminates(black e.g) and when your ID hand over, was it like wat my ID had describe to me?? hideously with "white scratches" ??? he said its "inherent" with glossy laminates???? pls feedback, advise? MTIA
  8. how abt blanco granite sink? is it durable? anyone using it..? sorta bored with my 1st 2 stainless steel sink and was bought over by the sales person at HK to try the blanco.. any feedback? MTIA
  9. tthks brudders and sisters... i v new christian...prior that did FS on our hse...so now don noe whether to do so or not..but some of my cell mate advise against lor.. one more qn..can? ...if the hse after completion was left vacant say for abt 1-2mths before starting renovation work, after completion...do we jus moved in or hv to get pastor to bless the hse before moving in ? or can it be done after moving in? thk u so much for guidiance..
  10. hi ..may i noe how much it is? if jus buy the hob, is it more ex?
  11. a new christian trying to find out...is FS for christian?? thks to all that willing to answer such a blur qn..
  12. anyone can ans 1-3, i am oso looking for answer? ME with saftey valve to limit the amp at 8.5A, however, that means u cant go max BTU as specificed by the condenser rite? ;(
  13. anyone kind bro or sis here to explain abt the amp restriction in older flats? i very confused ley...even after reading thr all the aircon threads...help~~~~~~~~
  14. one more question..the AB guy said mitsu is made in thailand whereas toshiba is from japan... however..rem reading in sgbride that toshiba oso make in thailand? ...hmmm..how true?