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  1. well the health hazards regaridn the formaldehyde emission. i went for known brand with track record ,not some MIC or unknown brands. Contractors are ol skool,whichever design or material they will shoot it down. Other people poison might be other people meat,each has its pro and cons.Need not research too much into something till it become a hurdle to beautify own home. I dont trust the electronics sold by TB.Rather have less head ache and buy in SG. I got a few lemon especially 1 x of my basin taps,the connector is not metal and its kinda poor inferior quality for the fittings but the tap itself is good and solid my acapulco rocking chair got it at a steal but the one plastic weave broke in the middle and it become tangle .Goggle acapulco chairs and u will get what i meant
  2. sorry guys/gals been occupied work.The house is in 85% condition,the wife and me had already move in , left with the bathroom accesories and fickle minded me to either use; 1)bunker lights at the tv wall area + tracklights for opposite wall. 2)all track lights x 2 area. as for my living room opposite wall decided with track lights,Bought all the lightings from TB.Rooms normal LED lights and fans from JB. Hope to update the blog soon.
  3. Been living in for nearly a month,cleaning up is a breeze.Spillage need not worry it will seep in because it's not parquet or laminates.
  4. If u have tested thoroughly, homeplugs are the one cutting on your internet speed to 50%.Try switching on your microwave ,vacuum cleaner and washing machine at any one time and test your internet quality when the equipment(s) are in used. Homeplugs are unstable ,you will notice the green light going to ember or red when the above mention electrical item(s) are in used. There's another alternatives but if only home owners are not subscribing to starhub cable. Using MoCa network,albeit abit expensive but stable. And if you are co-ordinating everything yourself in your own home,you have overlook on running ethernet cables to the DP box in your home or relocate the living room tel line if it's not side by side to the wall where the HDB provided data port is located. In this way you have 2 way ethernet point which you can distribute to the rest of the room by setting a simple networking and use wireless extender through lan connection direct from the source and not through a wireless to wireless connection which surely will cut the bandwidth.
  5. Kitchen top installation D Day Finally my black beauty kompacplus top is installed and the contrast is there to see. Sink and hob area. Sink and hob area. (service yard view) Prep area . Prep area . (service yard view)
  6. Hi Blueheart, The bronze-y rose gold http://tw.taobao.com...m?fromSite=main the other bronze-y rose gold accesories not fixed up yet.hope to complete during the long weekend. My id contact PM-ed.
  7. Hi Tokara,pm-ed you. I sign up with Innovar flooring during one of their road show. The hallway and living room is $4.80 per sft .The rooms ones are @ $5.40 per sft According the salesman,the price went up. The colour code Living room - Valencia LC2825 Rooms - Stromboli LC2831 Hi Donno,the black frame are HDB default door frame painted matte black. The louvres door are by swingslide company and its in my quote. The colour code Living room - Valencia LC2825 Rooms - Stromboli LC2831
  8. Door installation Bedrooms door with Taobao door knob in matte black. Awaiting for matte black door frame to be painted. Classic flush door with white paint finish. Taobao door knob in matte black close up. Bathrooms swing slide louvres door . Matte black door frame.
  9. Carpentry D Day Part II Kitchen bottom cabinet (Prep area) with laminate finish Kitchen top and bottom hob and sink area with laminate finish Main bedroom wardrobe with laminate finish My photo taking doesnt do justice to the laminate finish ,will try again when everything done up nicely. Kitchen tall unit for microwave and storage with laminate finish
  10. After 3 weeks of waiting its....Carpentry D Day Carpentry D Day Part I Kitchen bottom cabinet (Prep area) Kitchen top and bottom hob and sink area Main bedroom wardrobe
  11. Hi Chower ,my ID source for me. The hinges is default HDB door hinges as i did not opt in for the door ,will be taking them out especially @ both bathrooms. Hi countryglow,thank you for dropping by.Hope the final product will do the design flow justice.
  12. Flooring Part II (Vinyl laying) End product Living room (From main door view) Nite view Hallway (From living area view) Nite view Hallway (From main bedroom area view) Day view Room (Day view) Feature floor tiles with vinyl Day view Feature floor tiles with vinyl Close up view
  13. After the hiatus waiting for carpentry installation and the hari raya week and being sick after hari raya...hahah..gorging on wonderful kuehs,rendang,lemak etc Had arrange for a few items to be installed . Flooring Part I (Vinyl laying) Took the risk of laying vinyl laying 1st to flush with the carpentry works in the bedroom. Guest room ] Hallway Hallway and bathroom flush laying ] Using thin metal strips divider (not the usual metal/wood capping provided by vinyl installer)