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  1. Here a few direct laminate flooring supplier. Hope it help. Floorrich http://www.supremefloors.com.sg/ http://mylaminateflooring.com.sg/ Bilrich Flooring‎ kronotex My sister done his 3 bedroom with this laminate flooring company. (Cant recall what the name) Low price comes with very bad quality and workmanship from china but the price is very attractive less than $3.00 psf. The company is like those one man show or two man show company. No office or warehouse. Want to visit their showroom or office he or she will give you many excuse. Product from China but say from Germany with 20 or 25 years warrantly. Now my sister having a bad time to fix the flooring problem coz all the furniture already move in. For all owner. Take your time look around, ask around, compare a few products before making any decision. Good Products = Price Not Cheap Cheap Price = Not Good Products
  2. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/65963-dishonest-unreliable-curtain-blinds-contractor-freddie-chua-k-h/ Curtain Group - "Catch The Thief" The Thief Yelled .................................................................... Some great info to share if you looking for new curtains 11 November Kingsley Window furnishing http://mycurtainsandblinds.com.sg/ Window Image J&S The above company is just for an idea or been intro by other user. Hope it help
  3. Hi diva ( Hi Maggie. The process of renovation is very tough. You will be stressful along the journey but always look at the bright side when renovation is complete. Regarding the home curtains, you can try take a look at this website. I got my curtain done by one of them. http://mycurtainsandblinds.com I hope it help. hi how much did your curtain cost? I am also looking at curtains to replace my 6 year old curtains.. ) How your Curtains?
  4. Hi sporterster, is your wallpaper still available
  5. An advice to all home owner, do not engage those one man show curtains van. My brother recently did his home curtains, after giving him $100 as deposit. Till now could not be able to find him. Base on his name card and did a roc search. There is no such company and his mobile number is a pre pay card number. They might be cheap but high chance of them go missing if anything goes wrong.
  6. Less than $800 for 3 bedroom and living room. I think it a good deal. So far everything look ok.
  7. Five day ago the electric man came and fix the wall fan for us. But due to careless he drop his driller and damage two piece of my laminate flooring.............. I was so angry coz it so new. He just apologize and carry on and install the 3 wall fan for me. When everything completed he still collect the full payment. How I wish I had the courage to tell him how is he going to compensation to me. End up I have to pay myself I suppose. I call up Mr Leong to tell him my problem and ask him to come and fix the problem ASAP. I can tell you he one of the good contractor I ever seem. He told me to hold on for a few day till today (Saturday) as he had a job near by, and after the job he will arrange his men to drop by to do the touch up at no cost. (Free) They came at 5pm and remove the damage laminate flooring and replace with the new one. I could say their workmanship is so good that it look so prefect like it never change before. And everything just completed before 6 pm and he personally still made a trip to drop by to take a look. Good Job
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  9. Just Sharing, I got my curtain source from here. www.mycurtainsandblinds.com
  10. Hi Maggie. The process of renovation is very tough. You will be stressful along the journey but always look at the bright side when renovation is complete. Regarding the home curtains, you can try take a look at this website. I got my curtain done by one of them. www.mycurtainsandblinds.com I hope it help.
  11. After spoken to a few supplier we decided to use the product from JL concepts. What we like about them: no hard sale, they wont tell you later no stock of your colour choice so now you put deposit and confirm and they will reserve the stock for you. Last Thursday they came and install the laminate flooring for our 3 bedrooms. Mr lim came together with his worker, advice us what kind of direction it should lay to made our room look bigger (thumb up). By 6pm everything was completed and he drop by again to check on his worker workmanship before handing over to us. Prefect job done. What we dislike about them: Not at the moment so far.
  12. If I have all the good contact on supplier and sub contractor, I will do that. I believe a lot of user will do that too. Engage an ID complete in 6 to 8 weeks DIY yourself with all the contact 8 to 10 week but you save $5 to $10k which one will u choose?
  13. $6000 renovation: 1. White painting 2 Clearance stock 3. Unskill worker 4. At least 50% above deposit 5. Never ending complain
  14. If you are a salesman will you tell your client where do get the direct stock. If you are a salesman will you teach your client how to use other company product Mr ID I suppose you are waiting for my reply. I very curious, by telling us "Hi, i was providing the best solution to hope you guys learn to monitor your reno smoothly" By the way what will you get in return? 1. Increase the image of your company 2. Sincerely helping us with idea Some example: If Peter send his car for repair. The workshop say this or that will you believe him 100% and do what they say and pay what they bill? Or Will you believe someone who had use their services before? I have to admit there are good and bad contractor out there. But this is how I feel, good contractor do not need to advertise for themselves here or give advice to anyone for free. They are just too busy making sure their customer project complete in time, making sure everything goes smoothly. Please do not feel offence this is just how I feel. I apologise if there any sentence I say that made you feel offended.