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  1. Hi Kelvin, Seem like your inbox is full and unable to receive any new message, hope you see this post. Could you pm your electrician contact or anyone who had received the electrician contact from Kelvin would kindly forward the contact to me and other forumers? Thanks
  2. Hi klimoo, I having the same floor plan as you. You think is possible you can share with me your renovation quotation and breakdown?? Garyluinaiyu@gmail.com Many thanks Gary
  3. hi can you send me your detailed quotation breakdown to me? garyluinaiyu@gmail.com Thanks and appreciated it.
  4. Hello people, this is my first time posting after surfing this forum since I signed up, as anxious as everyone who getting/gotten their new nest. I had this quotation attached above from a specific company which I think on the high side, I would appreciated I can get some feedback from all the seniors here. ThanksGary
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