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  1. estore is selling Baron wc at $138 and basin at about $50. Quite a good deal. Install fee for both are at $80 and $50 respectively. You may want to check out its website.
  2. Can you PM me your plumber's contact, or email to FJORDSZ@YAHOO.COM.SG. Tks.
  3. Hi, can you PM me uncle johnny's contact or send to FJORDSZ@YAHOO.COM.SG? Thanks.
  4. Had a very bad experience at ba.thzone. I had been to this shop a few times before to browse and only decide to buy today. I wanted to buy about 5 items and the shop owner immediately commented "so few" and face turned black (frankly, ba.thzone carries only limited range and most items I wanted, they don't have). He then told me straight off he doesn't do walk-in customers like myself, he only serve those brought in by id. He said he recognized me a few times before (and never buy) and said he couldn't let his sales assistant waste time on me! Btw, he is the only person in the shop today and there are no other sales assistant. Extremely rude and bad attitude! Won't advise you to buy from there if - you have visited the shop before and have not bought in your earlier visits - you only buy a few items (can't be helped since the shop carries only limited range) - limited range of items - not that cheap anyway. grohe is selling at 30% discount elsewhere but ba.thzone is selling at list price - bad attitude from shop owner Some people become obnoxious when they got ids to bring them continuous strings of clients. And therefore they think it is alright to give s*** service.