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  1. Thanks Surge! Our dimmable LED strips and downlights are from Starlite. We'll give you Warner's contact details via PM. Your electrician should be able to build the basic LED dimmer dial into the Legrand Mallia dimmer dial which looks quite nice and is affordable too. That's what we did anyway Cheers!
  2. Hey all! It's been almost a year since we moved into our new nest in Pasir Ris and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Looking back, there are probably a couple of things we would have done differently for functional purposes but overall we are really pleased with the workmanship and quality of work provided by WJ Design. We believe pictures speak a thousand words so we are providing you with a link to our album in Facebook that contains the little details and nooks and crannies that make our home We are in no way renovation gurus and are not claiming to be either. But we are always happy to share our experience and journey with first time home owners especially, going through what we had gone through. We have also spent a good part of 2013 and 2014 scouring websites and local furniture, lighting, home decor, etc stores all around Singapore and will be happy to answer any queries that you may have. These pictures were taken a couple of months after we had moved in, while we were still in the midst of procuring furniture and accessories for our home. We hope you enjoy the pictures! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152334856145189&type=1&l=459c153ffd Cheers!
  3. Hi bumblebeez! Nice place you've got there! And what a fantastic view! Do you happen to have the model number/colour code/description of your bedroom doors? We are going for something similar but have difficulty gauging the colours online. Yours look perfect and more or less what we've been looking for. Any information would be great Thanks and enjoy your new home!
  4. The wife here A little update on our renovation : We went back to our place with Clifford to sort out certain details and measurements. Previous owners had rockstone walls in certain areas. We prefer a smooth surface so we've decided to dig a little deeper into our pockets and plaster the whole house. We also realized that we were quite ambitious with our bathrooms. We had initially wanted to go with a decently sized vanity cabinet for both rooms but this might make the space quite tight. As such, we will have to re-think our sink/cabinet design and settle for something that occupies less space and yet, fits well with our theme. In other news, Clifford has applied for our reno permit! We are super excited about this as it marks the next big step in this whole renovation process. We were told that the hacking works could start in the first week of September if all goes well So between now and then, chrizz and I are hoping to get the electrician and aircon guy to come down. We need a quote from the electrician, based on our requirements and we would really like the aircon guy to come down for an initial survey of the place as we foresee some challenges with regards to how we're going to run the ducting/pipes/etc. In the meantime, we would also like to get a headstart with furnishings. We are looking for modern pieces with simple, clean lines that will fit in nicely with the theme of the house. After going through some thousands of posts from reno gurus in here, there are a few stores that we are really quite excited to check out. These include : BoConcept, Lush, Mod Living, Molecule, etc. If there are any other stores like these, known for unique, modern pieces that are not too exorbitantly priced, we would love to hear about them! More updates, and hopefully photos, to come! Cheers everyone