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  1. Part 3! That's it Lots of details I haven't posted, and the daytime pictures don't really do justice to how f*)#()*@ng awesome it looks at night, but maybe I'll post some more later Hope you enjoy our designs, Clifford's work, and that our journey has helped you! Thank you all here. We've learned so much from reading these forums, so posting here is the least we can do to return the favour. If you've got any questions at all, we probably had them at one point or another as well, and we'd be happy to help out
  2. Hey Danmify! Thanks for the welcome I've been living here for 5 years already, but with my in-laws. Now we finally have our own place I discussed this question with Clifford before and he'd rather I not share the exact cost of the renovation. What I can say is that I paid about 20-25% less than what I would have paid with big name ID's, which for our full renovation comes down to quite a lot of money. I'd say do your own comparison, ask Clifford for a quotation and check a few other ID's or contractors. I agree with everyone else's advice: go with someone you feel comfortable with, that you can easily communicate with. All I can say is that I have zero regrets Good luck
  3. *tumble weed rolls through the thread* Wow, nearly 4 months later, and we're DONE! It's been an incredible journey for my wife and I, and now it's time to reap the rewards of our hard work. For about 2 weeks now we've officially moved into our home that now has pretty much everything we need for daily life. I have to give HUGE credit to Clifford. He did an incredible job at managing everything, and left absolutely nothing unfinished. Along the way there were problems, as is pretty much inevitable with any renovation, but everything was solved immediately and without a hitch. The workmanship is impeccable, any scratches, patches or cracks were fixed as soon as we told him about them (and quite a few even without us telling him first!). Big compliments also to our electrician John, who was recommended by Clifford. A little bit (maybe 10-15%) more expensive than another electrician I found, but he made up for it by recommending an LED strip supplier to us who gave us dimmable LED strips ($15 a meter) and dimmable LED down lights ($30 a piece), which meant that in the end we actually ended up saving money. Coming weekend I'm going to go and take some pictures so I can show the final result here! Maybe put the "before" and "after" pictures side by side for comparison
  4. Update time Most of our tiling work is completed, and it already looks nice! Our kitchen cabinet bases are in, and our Norika draintraps; wayyy nicer than those plastic/stainless steel drain traps! Loving it
  5. Thanks tobehappy! You all the best with your 4-room as well Today's update is very minor, just a few more tiles in the living area, the delivery of our hollow block for the additional walls and the drainage pipes for the sink and the dishwasher are laid. Next step is to pour more cement and continue the tiling works. By Thursday the living room tiling is expected to be done, so we can walk in and check out the progress everywhere else
  6. Hacking: check! Cleaning: check! Screeding: check! Tiling: loading.... Things are moving quickly! We've run into the first few snags though, but nothing that can't be solved. Our ventilation panel above the common bathroom door will need to be shifted back to the original location unfortunately, since there's some structural thing above the door that we obviously can't remove. Also, our beautiful bathtub is too big... We made a judgement call and asked Clifford to have it cut a little bit shorter, and weasel it in there... I'm going to be crossing my fingers for the next week or so until I hear some good news, which I REALLY REALLY hope we get. If it goes wrong, he warned us. We'll see! No pain no gain, right? Here's two updates from earlier today. The screeding for the entire house is completed, so everything's nice and smooth again. Now it's time to begin the TILING WORK! Our gorgeous floor and wall tiles are going up. I'm a little worried to walk on the fresh tiles, so I'm probably going to stay out until I get the all-clear from the experts, but here's some pictures from the doorway
  7. No problem, haha. We went through Hoe Kee, they don't sell directly. P.S. the bathtub doesn't fit. After discussing, we decided to cut it slightly shorter, and seal up the cut portion. Here's to hoping it all goes well...
  8. Hey Hosay! Thanks We've learned a lot from Renotalk and felt it would be good to feed back to the community what we've learned in turn. I know WJ has a folder in front of their office, but I never really paid much attention to it. My wife actually had the same concerns when we saw their website, until we actually sat down and talked to Clifford haha. For us, we weren't looking for a strongly marketed interior design company (big office + expo presence + website + impressive portfolio all costs money that they need to make somewhere = higher mark-up), but just someone with solid space planning experience and the contacts to find suppliers and coordinate the whole thing. I still think we hit the jackpot, but we'll speak again in a few weeks when the renovation is a little further ahead
  9. Beautiful spacious layout, looking forward to hearing your design ideas Have a great time!
  10. Well, the big blue thing has been replaced with strategically positioned sandcastles-in-the-making, big bags of cement and tiling mix, and.. All our tiles are in! They're in a big pile, nicely in their respective boxes, with absolutely nothing interesting to see, so even though I took a picture because I felt I should, it'd be kinda lame to post it. So I won't! Coming weekend we got a lotta stuff to confirm. Gotta change a hob (accidentally bought the wrong one from Hoe Kee, haha), shop for a bedframe, toss in some lights. P.S. After hacking our bathroom wall, there's 151cm space, and my bathtub is 149cm long. Clifford's gonna have a hard time with that >.> Sorry man! <.< It's gonna be put in on Monday so I'll update again then
  11. Good luck on your reno! Looking forward to seeing your designs Most of all: have fun!
  12. Hey Sniper, welcome to Renotalk and good luck on your renovation One point I can share with you is the design of your TV feature wall. With the current layout of the lines behind, the size of TV that will look nice will be quite restricted. If you're planning in getting a fixed size TV that's fine, but I personally prefer flexibility Also, as for the rendering, the light cast down doesn't follow the actual light positions. Lights are a really important part of a house and is not easy to change later, so I would ask your ID to think about that a bit more. Good luck!