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  1. Hi, able to share Mr K contact? PM me thanks!!!
  2. Hi, may I have the contractor contact? Thank you. I am quite impressed with the design of your house. Previously my home was supposed to be designed like this including getting sound system, projector, guess what I have to saw the ceiling speaker hole myself. Famous ID company does not mean anything, it can be a nightmare too.
  3. I thought I was making too early order of the mattress, you were even earlier! Btw I am from Emerald too, yet to collect the keys. Are you in the FB group?
  4. I got it during exhibition. Not sure they still give that offer. They gave some demonstration on scratch proof, fire proof and etc. However I don't think they are the best, I got it cos of the demo and the offered price. Most laminate cannot withstand presence of water for too long, this is so for Oxylos. And it is not the thick laminate, they do offer thicker ones, but of course you pay a premium for it at about $3-4 psf. The brand is Oxylos, should be German/US technology but made in China. The company is Hong Xu International. http://hongxu.com.sg/about_wood.htm I don't have the contact with me right now, probably you can browse the web and contact them.
  5. Larger only in terms of length. The width of the kitchen is still the same with other Punggol Emerald at about 2.4m :-) I supposed you are in the closed group FB?
  6. Hmmmm, actually Duxton Pinnacle is also designed in this way. PD beside the kitchen.
  7. Wow! Mine is 266C and joined the FB long ago, and theres no updates on FB. That's quite a good news, I wonder when mine will be ready, ID and I don't know how to schedule the timeline since its so unpredictable.
  8. Though I have an ID, I still prefer to do some design myself and propose to him and let him help to alter using his 'professional' point of view. The design here is not detailed, main difference is the placement of the fridge in kitchen, to create a little more space for a small table and chairs. I will only show my ID's design after the finalisation. Fridge placed near entrance of kitchen, create more space inside, but too near to cooking hob. Fridge placed opposite the entrance of kitchen, feels a little tight cos of height of fridge.
  9. Just curious, where did you get the news of getting keys within these two months? I went to the site whenever I am nearby, it is far from completion. My layout is somehow a little different. Below is my layout and this is my blog started not long ago. See this -> Got its pros and cons. See that my kitchen is about 1m+ longer and living/dining a little shorter. Main dining area a little weird to place a table there. Now, comes to your PD Box. I guess the lower door will be 'sealed' and space is wasted and where are you going to put your shoes? Your ID tries to design open concept kitchen but the opening seems too small to create that open concept effect. I think keep the wall and push the dining inner, just like this -> Just my two cents opinion. Anyway, notice the difference as I have stated earlier on the layout?
  10. Ha ha, you are just like me. Too eager to get your own home. I think I had look or rather stare at my floor countless times. I went to other similar flat, the PD box is about 2m high. And it is not deep inside, in fact it is rather shallow, not shoes friendly.
  11. Hi DMac, once your HLE is approved and valid during option to purchase, there's no need to apply again. If not it does not make sense to apply the last time. Btw the bank loan definitely has lower interest rate be it fixed or floating rate now, but that's only the beginning few years of the loan, after which if you still want lower interest rate, may need to refinance. It's quite a tricky stuff, to choose between HDB concessionary loan and bank loan, each has its own pros and cons. Of course the safest is to get HDB loan.