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  1. Hi can someone sent the curtain/blind contact to me as well. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi kstoh, Love the design of your fans. Wanted also to get haiku but too expensive. Can PM me when you get those fans and the price for the Vento Uragano. Thks
  3. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/gallery/image/1713-door-area/
  4. Hi hi can how much you spend on your curtain ? Can PM me the contact?
  5. Hi V4xystar your house look beautiful. Saw your 3 blade fan. Can share the brand and is it windly and quiet?
  6. Hi Redder, able to PM me how to upload the photos?
  7. Hi everyone Reno has started and wan post picture to share but seems can't upload. Try few times but still can't . Has anyone got install window at their service yard. Can give contact as wan install 3 piece window there.
  8. Pm me the contact. Thanks
  9. Hi how much you pay for install the 3piece window at the service yard? Can have the contact. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Bro, Can quote me KDK v56vk and Haiku fans with installation. Thank u
  11. It true that new flat all the piping is hidden so it either city gas water heater or storage heater. I just got my new flat and I decided to install instant heater as I don't like to wait for the hot water....just pay extra for the contractor to relocate the piping and tiles
  12. Hi hi , Those LED light u order from tabao does it come in one piece or it come in loose .. My ID said if come in loose the electrical ppl do not help me to fix...