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  1. Hello all I selling latest current top of the line HT system from Samsung HT-F9750W. http://www.samsung.com/sg/consumer/tv-audio-video/home-theatre/home-theatre-system/HT-F9750W/XS?pid=sg_home_tvaudiovideo_right1_ht-f9750w_20130429 specs etc can all be found there. Is used because I opened the box set it up to show my bro who got it for my new house. But after couple of days my wife don't think it fits and I have got to sell it. RRP is $1999 (still got the box and some plastic also have not taken out) In short this set has all the latest bells & whistles namely - Bluetooth connection (from phone direct stream play music) - built in wifi so full network ability - all apps and browser surf web direct - screen mirroring if u have a Samsung phone - 3D capability - 4K or UHD ready (that's the latest in HD) - if u have a Samsung tv they will communicate use 1 control for both items - wireless rear speakers So give me an offer by PM....before my wife blows my ear!
  2. This guy and his beautiful assistant did a wonderful job today installing a 56" Fanco F1 with LED lights. Almost immediate response after I PM him. He then came to my place at 12 midnight as I was busy with work...that's service! His pricing is also reasonable. He even help me dispose of my old light and putty all previous holes. It was a clean and neat installation and took abt 30mins. THIS GUY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME! For people who are worried abt brightness, this fan LED is very bright at 270 LUX on average! Previously I had 3 x 8W PLC lights that gave me 125 Lux only...too dim to even read papers. Only issue is the slow remote response. However that is a manufacturer's problem.
  3. Wow nice job. Can let me know how much u paid for the house. Itself and how long the whole ordeal?
  4. COV is really something ppl wack. My same block difference of 2 floors COV is 10k difference. Sales price yes but COV? Conditions Abt same....and funny part lower floor more expensive! Have been looking for pass 1yr housing price had never come down. So well done I'm now ready to buy at it's highest! Most place I see COV asking is 100k+! Which I won't pay. Owners also not keen...all wanna strike jackpot attitude. I even saw a unit whose asking 220k COV!