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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking at getting 7-9 sets of Haiku ceiling fans for my new house. Is it cheaper to buy from JB, or any way to get them cheaper in Sg?
  2. Guys, am changing my toilet bowls and is looking at Roz now. Any comments or better choices?
  3. Yes don't waste your money. A cheaper alternative will be to lay over the tiles. No hacking involved. I spent a total of $11k including the cabinets, now I gotta spend another $25k to redo the 3 toilets!
  4. Guys, I am giving a firm warning here about doing epoxy coating for your floor tiles. Do not believe whatever the salesman says about the coating able to last for 10 years or whatever crap. Here's my experience: About 2-3 years back, bought a private property and was thinking of getting the 3 toilets done. As the tiles are still in good condition except that the design is out-dated, I decided to look into epoxy coating. After doing some online research, it seems that Faith Coat was "one of the most trustworthy and reliable" companies doing epoxy coating. I went down to the showroom, and was given a demonstration by Mr Philips. He showed me that even when the tile cracks, the coating is till bonded tightly to the tiles. And he was confident to say that the coating will last at least 10 years if well-taken care of. I decided to take up the offer for my 3 toilets, which cost me $4500. About one year into the coating, one of the bathrooms begin to show cracks. Basically just knock onto the tiles, and if it's not solid sound, means the coating is no longer bonded. Mr Philips came over, assess the situation and did a re-coating for that toilet. I thought it's a one-off thing. My toilets were regularly wash by my maid, and she was careful not to use any strong abrasives or harsh liquids. Two years three months into the coating, it started to show cracks on the side. I called up Philips and he came down for a quick look. Says it could be rectified by just doing that small portion. However he kept delaying, says that his workers are not in Sg. After one over month of waiting, the coating got worse. The worker finally came over for an assessment, and says that two of the toilet has to be re-done totally as the coating has gotten worse. I'll be charged $1100 for the two toilets! Even the worker himself said," Just get the toilet re-tiled, the same thing will happen again few years later" The problem here is, the coating can only last for 2 years. Even if I re-do the coating, the coating will start to peel off in 2-3 years time. I'm warning everyone here who is thinking of getting epoxy coating done, don't waste your time and just get it properly re-tiled! Here's the video of my coating:
  5. Did not manage to get Mike's contact, so arranged for a contractor I found online for the job. Initially after polish, the surface looks new and oily. Few days later the oil layer was gone, and white patches surfaced. I complained and they came back to redo. The contractor told me that for black surface not suppose to use abrasive liquids such as dishwasher liquids to wash. Is that true? Again, after polishing white patches are coming back. Also I realise that after polish my surface became matt and not shining... Anyone can advise?
  6. Hi guys, Hi guys, can anyone recommend me a contact for solid surface polishing? Hopes to get it done by these week. Thanks!
  7. OMG... Can share with me via pm which co did your coating?
  8. Hi can anyone kindly send me ah wei's contact? Thanks
  9. Yes Philips is the one I liasse with. He's coming down to my place for an assesment this wed.
  10. Thanks David, Eh possible to pm me the name of the contractor? Have just went to Faith Coat today to know more about the coating, and view the samples. Was quoted $4.1k for 3 toilets, floor + wall. Or is there any other reliable contractors with lower price?
  11. Hi guys, For those who have done this spray paint thingy since a few years back, is it still in good condition? Or has anyone experience peeling and discoloration? Getting keys to my resale condo soon. Am thinking of hacking and re-tiling, but it'll cost me at least $20k for 3 toilets... So am looking for a cheap alternative.
  12. Hi guys, Am interested to buy the Claytan WC with handwash basin on top. When you flush the toilet, new water will flow out through a tap on top for handwashing, before storing inside the tank. So far it is the only one I can find in Singapore. Has anyone tried it, or is there any other better ones?