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  1. hey Hellonub~ Yup~ Bright enough~ im using 12W LED
  2. I got the Samsung Push Pull lock. Seller mention the old type of kopitiam card can use to open the lock, nv mention about easylink cards. However, they have another method, a sticker like (about the size of 50 cent) which you can paste at the back of your phone which can be use to open the lock too. To me I wanted to eliminate all kind of using thing to open (cause it feel like the same as taking out a key and open) also to stimulate that if forget to bag or wallet. I can't comment much on fingerprint since im not using it~ but I just concern it might need "maintenance". Clean the sensor etc. so dun wan to create more thing to do =x
  3. depend how u wan to open ur door~ I got one without finger print and I find a bit "troublesome" using the password (also because I set a long range of number =x) haha~ alternative use card to scan~ but using card is like carrying a key which defeat the purpose getting a digital lock =x
  4. bianzi, I have the same doubt and check with my technician. they also say that the 3/8 refer to the inner diameter. can only base on "Trust" liao lor~
  5. Happy moving to your new house =) Luv the colour choosen, you even painted your service yard. Bold decision changing your main door to black~
  6. @Hellonub nice colour~ it look woody..... @bert, I choose warm light as well. but some of the lighting is different colour from another.... headache~ another problem getting from TB @theintern, @nitha81 - will pm you =) @busylistening, wa~~~~ I will ask the contractor/id go rob instead =x will pm u the detail
  7. haiku fan! i wanted to get one that time too but i spend too much my sound system in the end no budget... ur sound bar seem solid~ from the items u purchase, u are one gadget pro~
  8. woOhOo~ Congratz on getting your keys..... the original condition of the flat look good! but of course everyone have own design and ideas for their own home.... Wish you a smooth sailing reno ahead. u manage to exchange your basin?
  9. Ur false ceiling design look special. waiting for your light to be up~ =) Hello "neighbours"
  10. haha~ actually toilet can also bring out the feel of the renovation but due to the layout (sanitary arrangement), i find it difficult to do design hence just dun do it. Secondly like what u mention, we can buy those came with vanity or simply a storage mirror =D Hi Xiaohuiis, i will pm u craftstone contact. i used 22 cartons for my wall and the contractor dun really do hdb project. Yup, i drill directly onto the brick. i think the guy have to be careful and skilled enough to drill ba.... so far mine is ok.
  11. Cut budget din do toilet. Only shower screen =) =)
  12. Pm u~ Pm you Hi mechu, actually i did about 15ft for $2,700. the craftstone not sure how many ft but it is 7m by 2.5m