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  1. hi tim, thanks for replying us. pls email me your quotation for these brands to mynameisfahmi@outlook.com LG artcool system 3 and 4. 9k btu each bedroom (+ 1.8k btu for system 4) Toshiba system 3 and 4 9k btu (+1.8k btu for system 4) Mitsubishi Starmex 3 and 4 9k btu (+ 2.4k for system 4) what does the package cover? 1) how long warranty? (with additional extended warranty?) 2) Free upgrade piping and insulation 3) most importanly any discount for BULK purchase (group buy) for my neighbours. if yes, how much? Thanks in advance tim.
  2. U have any contact number for the laminates agent?
  3. Hi segar2b. R u researching on krono laminates? How is ur finding so far?
  4. And how much is it per sq/foot? Me and wife in love with the ones with the groove - supernatural and vintage narrow collections. And how is it so far at ur lovely place?
  5. Hi vacanthost, Nice place there. Would like to ask u about the laminates. yours is from Krono-O right? Main office in Hillview right? So what collection is your laminates? TIA!
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