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  1. Finally! I did what I have to... Remove the existing pipe in the service yard, and found not only 1 but 2 timble that force the water to run slow. After fixing it back, I had a full blast water from the tape, and my washing machine do not have these weird "E4" error code (water supply issue) again. I even can wash the service yard with a long hose! Thanks to all members giving me the tips!
  2. I actually read the piping plan of my house. But after reading your comment about the water effecient type tape, it gave me a thinker that it could be it too. The water tape is nicely "sealed" to the wall that you can't even change the tape DIY. But I'm sure that there should be a valve to that tape. Have to continue searching.
  3. Need help. SOS! I notice that the service yard piping (For washing machine) water presure is very low. Does anyone happens to know where is the switch to increase and decrease the water presure. I can do that for the rest of the pipes (kitchen and 2 bathrooms) but not the service yard. Where is the switch can be?
  4. Hi Smurfette75, I might be facing the same problem as you are. Have you check your credit status with CBS (Credit Bureau Singapore). You will be able to know if your credit status is healty. I've checked mine from there too. I don't think there are ID that has a house loan. All loan now route to banks.
  5. Hi All, I'm very new here and I must say that this portal is impresive by getting and sharing useful information! Well, I'm moving soon in May, my first house! I would like to sell off or trade in my teak wood bedroom set. Does anyone knows where about I can do this? Appreciate your advise!