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  1. "It’s a busy day at work but I can’t stop thinking about my entire place waiting to be sorted. I’m moving out this weekend and I don’t even know what to pack first. No one’s gonna be there to help me move. Should I rent a lorry and move my stuff on my own or should I just hire a mover? Grrr, not again. What am I gonna do with this wardrobe and my single bed? I don’t need them anymore but I gotta pay to throw them away? Unbelievable. I should give it to Salvation Army…what, it will take them a month to pick it up? Why is it so hard to donate furniture in Singapore?" This is exactly how the pressure of moving gets to me, almost every year. In 12 years of living here, I’ve moved 8 times. I lost count on the number of movers, property agents, and owners who tried to cut corners at my expense. I wish you never had to go through this but if you’re an immigrant who calls Singapore home, an exchange student or simply living on your own, this would sound all too familiar. If there’s only one thing that I learned that made moving a lot easier, it’s this: LIGHTEN UP. Get rid of everything you hardly use; old stuff that you no longer need. It’s gonna cost to bring them to your new place and it’s gonna cost to throw them away. So don’t. There are good people out there who will be happy to take stuff you no longer need. You can donate it to someone on Free Loved Furniture group or post it on a recycling community, Freevo Nation, to clear it fast and free of charge. The point of all these is to make someone happy; yourself. Moving to a new place is supposed to be an exciting thought! Now breathe in, breathe out, you got this.
  2. Hi everyone please do not purchase any leather sofa from ST Paris located at 56 HH@Kallang building. The owner previously owned Artmani Italia outlet which cheated more than $70k worth of sofa and deposit from innocent victims. I am one of the victim which purchased a 3 seater sofa worth $3700 from Artmani Italia which owned by the owner of ST Paris furniture. I make a full deposit payment but did not received the sofa from them. This is my 2 months school holiday job salary and I got cheated by Artmani Italia. I hope people who have read my post please do not purchase sofa from ST Paris located at 56 HH@Kallang. He will ask you to make full payment upon purchase of sofa. There may have another hit and run incident again same as Artmani Italia.
  3. Directory:- I am looking for a modern Sofa and Bed and I have been doing some research online and I found that Absolutebedding.com.sg website. They specialized in designing and selling Beds and Sofa set. And one interesting thing they provide 10 years warranty on their products.
  4. Get a FREE personalised one-on-one 3D drawing worth $988 from IUIGA! From there, IUIGA will draw from their unique, extensive furniture catalogue and work with you to create a beautiful space to fit your lifestyle and personal aesthetic. --> No purchase of IUIGA products required! Hurry, this service is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Submit your floorplan here to get your free 3D drawing from IUIGA. You can also share your floorplans or 3D drawings in this thread! We look forward to seeing how cool your spaces will look in 3D~ *Only one consultation + 3D drawing per address Need design inspiration? Read our article here for 5 ways you can set up your room with IUIGA furniture! Shop at or contact IUIGA: Website: https://www.iuiga.com/ Email: support@iuiga.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iuiga.official/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iuiga/
  5. Hi all, I seldom write bad reviews on anything, preferring to say nothing when i have nothing good to say. In this case, I've received such horrible serivce that I feel like i have to say something even though its going to be a long story. Its been a long time since i've come into T-Blog, but I used to update regularly on my T-blog Journey Home. Which i should really update again now that my home is quite lived in. So at the end of november, I went to a furniture shop at Jalan Besar that was owned by Lush. And there i bought two stools, (called Fortune Cookie Stools by a brand they carry called Matzform). Each stool was about 300 bucks, which I think most people can agree is not exactly cheap, but once in a while, we do indulge. The sales person, Dino, said he would try his best to deliver it before Christmas and said we would probably get it by then. The invoice wrote that delivery would be in 4 to 6 weeks. 1 week before Christmas, nobody has called, so i call to inquire when i would see the stools. They said oh, its not gonna arrive before Christmas, but it would be in by 15th January. Definitely before Chinese New Year. I said okay, do you promise by 15th Jan I will see the stools? They say yes, for sure. I tell them to please keep me updated if there the stools come earlier or there will be more delays. They said, yes, we will. Fast forward to Jan. I call around 15th Jan to ask, where my stools are. Again, no apology or anything for not calling me, just a "Oh, its delayed. But definitely before Chinese New Year you will get those stools." At this point, I'm getting frustrated. Nobody has called to tell me of delays, every step of the way, I've had to call and ask, nobody at Lush has taken any initiative to call me to inform me of delays. In fact, apologies for the repeated delays were also not forthcoming. All I kept hearing was, delay in shipping. So, 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, I am in full Panic Mode. I call and ask, where are the stools, I have guests coming during CNY, and the extra seating would really be important. The person calls me back after a day or so to say, we can deliver those stools tomorrow. I say fantastic, and i arrange for delivery. Day of delivery, my mother in law is at home waiting for it, as they are delivering during office hours. The stools come, and my MIL calls me saying "Its all scratched and there are dents." I talk to the delivery people who tell me, "You mean you dont know? these are the show room pieces, your new ones are in bad condition, so we cannot send you your new ones, we lend you the showroom ones for CNY." Since I had no idea of this arrangement, I called the office to ask what was going on. The office also expressed no surprise that i didnt know i was getting showroom pieces, which made me suspect they were hoping i wouldnt realise. They then said that my stools were still in shipping, and that they would be in Singapore 27th Jan but they were afraid it would be too short a time to ensure delivery so they decided not to risk it. At this point, i was getting really mad. First I had to call myself to find out where my stools were, secondly nobody told me they were sending me showroom pieces until it arrived at my door, and they followed this up by giving me different stories. Delivery guy says new stools arrived but in bad condition, office says they are not in Singapore yet. The office people then tell me i should be MORE UNDERSTANDING. As its CNY and these stools are called Fortune Cookie stools so they are very popular. But i ordered them in NOVEMBER. its not like i ordered in Jan right? All the while, they were completely unapologetic about it until i called a customer service officer to complain. When they delayed it the second round, I asked them to compensate me for the delay and they offered me $50 vouchers at their store. This time, after i REPEATEDLY said that they should compensate me, they said okay how about 88 dollars of vouchers. To which I said I would not be purchasing anything from them again, so i would have no use of vouchers. So after many tos and fros, they said 88 dollars in cash. Fine. And they said they would TRY to send my stools before CNY as I wanted to have new stools and not old ones for CNY. When i asked what would happen if they could not send me new stools before CNY? They said then they will refund me and take back the show room pieces. Take it or leave it. No compensation. This was basically the attitude they took throughout the entire episode. In the end i got so frustrated i said just take your stools back and refund me, forget compensation. And they did. But the entire episode has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will never buy anything from them again. Thanks for reading.
  6. I will like to sell the attached furniture at affordable price. Please pm me or send me a quote if you are interested.
  7. Background: Somewhere in Aug 2017 booked a dining set and leather sofa from Salesman - Kingston at a Furniture Fair in Expo. Paid a deposit (lucky did not pay the full amount). Was informed to give them a 4week advance notice for them to do and prepare the sofa. Kingston promised you that he will help you settle everything and ensure the dining set n sofa set delivered to you without any problem. Fast forward to Nov 2017, went down to their showroom in Marina Square and confirmed our sofa model and color with Uncle Lee. We also agreed on the delivery date. Assurance given all will be OK and their logistics/delivery will contact me 1 day before the delivery date to confirm the delivery. We went down to the showroom a few times to remind them not to delay on our delivery as its very tight and close to our house shifting date. The Friday, one day before delivery (one day in Jan 2018). No calls whatsoever from the logistics/delivery. I got impatient and contacted Uncle Lee for the status of my delivery. Instead of liaising with his logistics/delivery he gave me their contact no instead. Contacted the delivery and got the delivery timing from them. No other details provided. On the Saturday, the delivery day. I have some other deliveries on the same day. My 3 beds from other shop arrived without any problem. Quality wise as what they promised. But for La Cafa, my nightmare begins. My ordered dark brown leather sofa nowhere to be seen. Instead they delivered a grey fabric sofa. Upon checking with the delivery guy he informed that this is a temporary set and my sofa is not ready. Nothing to on this temporary set even when I contacted gem on the delivery details one day before. My new dining set has scratches and defects from the table to the chairs n bench. Told the delivery guy I couldn't accept this and want my sofa and dining set to be replace ASAP. Contacted Uncle Lee and informed him of my problem and he said its not his problem as he's only a middleman and will forward my problem to Kingston n logistics/delivery and get them to contact me. On Monday I contacted both Uncle Lee and their Logistics to vent my frustrations. Logistics promised to check and get the in charge to contact me. As usual nobody contacted me. Went to the showroom that night itself but Uncle Lee is not there. Instead another guy named Victor who claimed he's the in charge was there. Sweet talked and promised he will look into it, gave his number to us and promised will get it settled by tomorrow morning. If not can contact him directly and he will get it settled. Said that we can rest assured and blame spore retail industry is a tough one. Next day Tuesday, which is today. Obviously nobody called. Message Victor and again no reply from him the whole day. Contacted logistics to ask for the status and Melissa said she need to check and will call me after 4pm. Obviously no call from her until now. There's still no end to my nightmare and even I don't know of the status of my sofa and dining set till now. And I have no way in contacting my salesman Kingston who promised everything when buying from him. When problem arises there's no way to get hold of him. Uncle Lee said he's just a part timer while Victor claimed he covers regionally. One helluva of a bull****. How can I shift in this week with this fiasco. Simple delivery made chaos by La Cafa. My advise is to stay faraway from this furniture shop at all cost unless you wanna share the same sufferings of us who had went through **** with them. Now I just wanna cancel my sofa order and made do with the defect dining set and move on. DON'T & NVR EVER BUY FROM THEM.
  8. If you are looking for an interior designer please contact /whatsapp/wechat ? Aska Kang +65 9187 2671 ? With 20 years of experience in carpentry work, we have our own factory in JB, fabricate furniture with good quality, superior workmanship and reasonable price! Feel free to contact us for free quotation !
  9. Marble has been used as a flooring and building material, but it has also become very popular for tabletops as well. Marble dining table have natural beauty; that is why they are great in the dining area. They are elegant and have sophisticated appeal, giving an extra plus to any dining room. Visit the absolutebedding.com.sg to find out more about marble dining table.
  10. Fellow home owners - WATCH OUT for these warning signs before putting down your money Disclaimer: These are fictitiously illustrated pointers inspired by personal and friends' experiences, and other relavant sources. Please read with discretion. If you're easily offended, don't read, go read a self-help book. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. SIGN 1. IT ALL STARTED FROM FACEBOOK SPONSORED ADS. Suddenly, like signs from above, 2 or 3 different FB Pages flash their beautiful furniture at you. A few of them caught your eyes, on SALE, those prices so fly! You bite the bait and clicked right in. They have likes, shares comments and enquiries like they're legit hot! 10 years warranty woah say! They even have lucky draws, boy oh boy! You think to yourself, "Woah this design I buy from XXX and YYY stores need to pay alot more leh!" It's your dream furniture coming true at a price so unreal. So you tag your spouse/friends and say "Let's go!" Few showrooms you go shopping, impressive showrooms. You're convinced by now they confirm legit! WATCH OUT FOR THESE: - When are these FB Pages created? - Have you heard of them? - Do they sound awfully similar to other established companies? - Are they always slashing prices? - Do a few new/unfamiliar FB Pages sell very similar products at very similar unbelievable prices, at the same period? - Heck, do their photos and products look almost the same?? Hmmm. - Compare with prices of reliable competitors. Are prices ALOT lower? If so, why? - Check their addresses. How long have they been located there? If new, where did they move in from? - Are they registered companies with ACRA? - Home furnishing industry in Singapore isn't that large. Suppliers are only a handful. Question to ask is, how does a new company you've never heard before, maintain an impressive showroom, its operating and man costs, costs of supplies and shipping, and still give you that **** good price PLUS warranty? - They tell you they have a factory? Outside Singapore? Google it. Ensure they are actually related. Even if they have the same names. SIGN 2. SLASHED PRICE & BARGAIN-ABLE (WHAT?!) At the showroom, your friendly sales guy sits you down and treats you like royalty. You say it's out of your budget or you'll consider, but he forces his charm on you and keeps you back. Before you know it 2 hours of your precious shopping weekend gone. He asks what's your budget? You tell him. He whips out his calculator and punched in some numbers. His brows knit so hard they're about to merge. He then stands up and tells you he'll talk to his boss. There you wait, minutes ticking. After what seems like forever on this precious day, he returns with a million dollar smile. He says "Only for you" and shows you the magic number. He says 70% deposit, you hesitated, but he managed to convince you why it's necessary. Well, you've to pay for it eventually, why does it matter, right? Somehow, like you're under his spell, you put your money on the table. Excited that you've officially been promoted from endless shopping, to awaiting that empty space of your home completed. "It's a great deal!" You and your wife brimming with joy. Silently, you try to shake off the nerves. WATCH OUT FOR THESE: - Prices are already unbelievable and you can still bargain? Does it sound too flexible? - If you're getting a bad vibe, trust it, walk out and cool off. Don't let the sales person pressure you into making a decision. - Know the company you're visiting. As in, know its registered company name. And ensure you're given an invoice in that name...with the right address. - Ask about the warranty, how will they honor it? Who services it? Any form of documentation for it? - Oh, and are you highly encouraged to pay cash/ cash transfer at any point from sales to site visit? Why, cheque cannot ah? SIGN 3. LIKE A LATE PERIOD Delivery is 5 minutes later, you receive a call from the boss. He says sorry, shipment is delayed, will need 2 more weeks. This is after "I forgot to order!" "I'm overseas." "I lost my cat!" You're frustrated but what can you do? You've paid 70%. So you wait. Delivery is 30 minutes ago, but there's still no sign of your dream furniture coming. You call the boss, no answer. You call the charming sales guy, he's resigned. You call the boss again for the next hour, he answers and sounds more puzzled than you. He tells you he'll find out what's going on. Half a day later, you call him again for another hour. He calls back and says the supplier made a mistake, wait another 2 weeks. By now, you're furious. But what can you do? THE day comes, nothing again. You call and nothing. A day gone by, nothing. The next day you go back to the showroom with your 6 packs and a bat, just to find the showroom empty. Completely evacuated. Up on the glamorous door is a sign that says "WE ARE TOTALLY UNRELATED TO S.C.A.M. PTE LTD". You realize you've been s.c.a.m-ed. WATCH OUT FOR THESE: I'm sorry. By now there's nothing to watch out for. You're bounced from SPF to CASE and back to your home with that empty corner, a hole in your pocket and a sore thumb from poking that a*hole on your phone. So you move on. And like for every one of us, a lesson learnt. Nooooo, cuz a year or 2 later you find out that a*hole still lurking out here preying on consumers like you and me. I feel you mate. If this sounds horribly familiar, and you've done everything you could, leading to dead ends, pm me for a sharing session. STAY SAFE EVERYONE! HAPPY SHOPPING!
  11. Dear all, If you're looking for some space saving furnitures or cool ideas for your new home, please take a look at my website or Facebook. Www.sgmurphybed.com Www.facebook.com/Sgmurphybed This Murphy was designed/customised by me and some contractors. Alright, don't ask me what brand is this or which country this is from. Basically my aim was to build a cheap and durable Murphy bed for everyone who finds it cool and wish to make more space in their rooms. Price starts from $800 onwards with delivery and installation. It is almost half of the price you can get from the market. So why is it so cheap? Not due to poor workmanship or low quality materials. In these modern days (Drop Shipping) is very popular, I'll sell it online, get it shipped directly to you and I'll install for you. No warehouse required, no physical shops required, no full time installer nor salesman are required. So I hope I've cleared your doubts ?, before you start to wonder if this is a real deal.
  12. Recently just moved our house with Exped Moving Services. Sales person came up to gave us a quote which is not the cheapest. Why my husband chose them is because of the knowledge when we questioned the sales person. On the moving date, they were punctual and moved our stuffs swiftly and carefully. Their movers are all local and with experienced. Dismantled and assembled our king storage bed and our son's loft bed. Moving was happy because of their smiles and dedication. Will definitely move with Exped Moving Services a year later. Keep up the good work guys!
  13. Full Fabric sofa seldom used, ideal for BTO hall, length is similar to bedroom length. Self pick-up (Keat Hong). Price negotiable. Brand new: S$1620 (Receipt to prove) Condition 9.5/10 Selling $780 Link for item: https://sg.carousell.com/p/sofa-218266942/
  14. Gomyhome furniture, give you a warm and elegant home. During the period, discounts are available, so come and buy! https://www.gomyhome.net/ Portabe Laptop Stand Desk Cart with Mouse Board,Sofa Bedside Table . $9.99 Computer Desk,Board With Metal Desk,Office Writing Desk for Study Room . $9.99
  15. The gomyhome furniture store is for you. The furniture is available in a variety of styles, including wood, PU, velvet, metal, plastic, linen and more. Everything you want is here, and the price is affordable. From now on, the gomyhome mall will be discounted and the minimum sales price is 9.99 dollars. Until the goods are sold, come and choose the furniture you like. The decoration is your ideal home. Leisure Chair $29.99 https://www.gomyhome.net/kirsten-rice-blue-p0021-p0021.html Office Chair,Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair,Footrest High Back Computer Chair $29.99 https://www.gomyhome.net/lin-leisure-lmkz-p0019-p0019.html
  16. The gomyhome furniture store is for you. The furniture is available in a variety of styles, including wood, PU, velvet, metal, plastic, linen and more. Everything you want is here, and the price is affordable. From now on, the gomyhome mall will be discounted and the minimum sales price is 9.99 dollars. Until the goods are sold, come and choose the furniture you like. The decoration is your ideal home.
  17. Hi everyone I would love to hear your opinions about purchasing furniture online.
  18. Marble Family Table for Sale! Authentic and rustic vintage marble style eating table. Sturdy and class! Changing furniture thus its a pity to let it go... Comes with 6 chairs Condition is 6/10 so this is not for picky customers Some superficial wounds on chairs and one on the marble table top (we use a protective layer to cover over so it really is not a big deal) Dimensions: Table 1.8m Length x 1m Width Chair 46cm Length x 46cm Width Price: $450 (arrange own transport) Location: Bedok Reservoir Contact: 82285068 (text me)
  19. Excellent condition, selling less than 50% of original price to clear space. L: ard 140-180cm when fully lie down W : ard 70cm
  20. Well maintained 3 seater full leather sofa. Very comfortable. (Soft type). Selling cos moving to a smaller unit and cannot accomodate. Condition is 8.5/10. Selling for $500 negotiable but only genuine buyers and no unreasonable negotiation please.
  21. Hi all, just want to share my experience with St Paris, you can find them on facebook easily. We were shifting house and were looking at vinyl flooring for the house. We found St Paris through fb and went down to their showroom on 17th Aug. Payment made in full (our mistake, should never pay in full) as they insist and need it for shipment to come in. Date was tentative placed as 5th Oct Come first week of Oct, my ID contacted them to deliver and install on 3rd oct (we are okay with 5th oct as well but please see below) but the reply from Adrian (their staff) was he will check and get back to us. After 2 3 days of checking and follow up, he got back saying shipment can only come later and installation can only be 15th oct. Question is, so where did they put my money to if it was not used to place orders. I believe from mid aug till early oct, there is no way the stock wouldn't have arrive if St Paris did place their orders. Adrian kept on asking us down to rechoose another design and as we are busy, we said just send us photo. We decide to make the best out of it and just choose another one(lets call this the 2nd choice), but guess what, upon choosing another design, adrian inform us this is out of stock as well. So why bother showing us. I decided to call the boss Alex and he told me he will settle. Reply was slow and ended up adrian gave us our 2nd choice (phew), we thought the worst is over. Come installation, timing was cock up. 4 installers came but there was no vinyl so they ended up sleeping for 1 hr plus. Okay nvm, cock up happens right? After doing, they inform not enough stock, one of my room is like 3/4 done. (huh? I was literally huh?) Okay nvm, we insist they come back the next day and complete the job which alex and adrian did make it happen. Maybe you guessed it right, the stock came the next day but not the installer. So my poor ID again waited till installer come and do up the remaining. Of course it now looks completely different from what I chose, they decided for me the skirting as well. I don't know whats the purpose of me going down in the first place. I contact their fb and wrote a comment to ask them to contact me but they delete and block me. I apps alex and his reply was simple. Job done right? What i want? Job done? Yes after so much trouble and liaising Good job done? Definitely no Responsibility? Okay la, at least like what he said. Job done Just be careful of them and use at your own discretion
  22. After the success of my bathroom reno, I decided I should start another thread about Phase 2 of my reno to share ideas and experiences with other Renotalk kakis. This time, Phase 2 involves the overhaul of a 15yr old bedroom. The bedroom, that has not been lived in (except occasional visits on some weekends) for the last 6yrs, seemed to have been stuck in a time warp just like the bathroom previously was. It was a mishmash of nonsensical concepts that the room's original occupant neither liked nor wanted: - Parquet flooring - Purple/ psychadelic walls (omg) - Heavy solid wood European Da Vinci furniture - Peeling paint from roof leakage or something - Heavy solid wood wardrobe The decision to overhaul was conceived many years ago, but there had been simply no time nor resources before. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, the room is going to be turned into a chill out room for hanging out with friends over a movie or for working in. It will be designed with an underlying industrial concept, mixed with a bit of highbrow pop art concept (whatever that means LOL) The interior designer (me) is still in the process of making the furniture and buying whatever things that we are not making ourselves... so please bear with the slowness of the process. If you have any ideas or advice, please feel free to post them here! Kam sia..
  23. Beautiful, Modernised High Quality Table Furniture Extremely good quality wood - Suar wood from indonesia that can last a lifetime! Sturdy and original, colors are yellowish to brownish... Place this table in your balcony, room, decoration purposes or anywhere else that pleases you **this is not your CHEAP WOOD you get from IKEA** **extremely heavy** **as good as new, in mint condition! judge the pictures yourself** SIZE: 120 cm (L) x 65 cm (W) x 76 cm (H) Used less than a year and selling because i needed a office desk instead. Selling Price: $600 (open to nego for serious interested parties) Location: Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 621 Contact: sms 8228 5068
  24. I recently bought my sofa from yang Hua furniture and paid in full. After that I saw all the bad review. Luckily when they deliver everyhing was perfect.
  25. I recently bought my sofa from yang Hua furniture and paid in full. After that I saw all the bad review. Luckily when they deliver everyhing was perfect.