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  1. Another thread is on ants, and guess both can be solved by installing insects screen on your window.. If you do install, please let me know the price for it...
  2. Table wise, my mother always use rubber band, she say they do not like the smell of it, so they will climb one. Another way I did was to put a pail of water then put my food on another plate on top of the water, so if the ants climb, they will end up in the water.\ Oh ya, got a kind of plate that is make of rubber one, you place your food on it, ants won't come one. my mother got it from those wet market selling them de...
  3. I also have this problem in the past, I also use the water method, but have to place it super near the light so they will fly directly to the water... To a extent I actually use pesticides then after that sweep the floor. I keep wanting to install the insects screen, anyone know how much it cost to do the whole house, 4 room flat? Felt will be costly so use the cheaper methods. The UV ight one, not very effective one, I buy one before.. disappointed...
  4. woah, looks like it will be a cosy and nice home.. look forawrd to see the finish products... try sourcing for online products like taobao or qoo10 for cheaper deals ba..
  5. once you decide on a certain ID company, pls research online to see if they have any bad reviews. Those without review one you also need to be aware.. Haha.. No choice, this is life.. everyone want to earn, end up too many rubbish company been setup just to earn... I believe if you all notice, near your neighbourhood, got a time where there is alot of ID companies been set up, those without substance de, after few months close down already.. As most ppl advise here, check a few companies their prices first, best is ask them show you the quality of product you getting.. Good luck in sourcing..