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    Can also buy chalkpaper. Chalkboard paint might be irreversible. But if you buy a cheap piece of wood or plastic, you can paste the chalkboard paper and mount over (with strong tape/hook) wherever you want. Next time when you are sick of looking at it, just throw away the whole thing.
  2. I use my Karcher steam cleaner for grout, together with the hard bristle brush that comes with it. Fantastic, no cleaning agent required, just hot steam. Used to try with bleach and the magic sponge, but bleach "eats" the grout and magic sponge "eats my nails and household gloves".
  3. I think I have seen at Art Friend, Bras Basah. Not sure of the thickness you are looking for, theirs are not very thick, about A4 size. If I remember right, it's about $30+. Or you can try this http://www.acrylic.com.sg/on-line-acrylic-cutting/ I've ordered customised acrylic part from them before, service pretty good.
  4. Somehow most of my relatives use Mitsubishi fridge and mostly are above 10 years. My mum's 16 years, still running (don't know made in where), mine's 7 years (MIJ). My MIL's one is Korean brand, changed twice in the last 10 years. I am not affiliated to any brand, just stating own experience.
  5. Have not used this, but there is the Philips Carnival sale coming up on 24-25 May, 9am-6pm at their Toa Payoh premises. You may want to check it out!
  6. I second the Karcher steam cleaner. I used to use bleach +water or the Daiso magic sponge. They either "eat up" the grout or my nails/household gloves. Lately I tried a small part of my living room with the steam cleaner. Am so pleased I eventually cleaned the grout in my entire flat (bit by bit, whenever I'm free and feel like cleaning) and it's more effective than anything else. No need for any cleaning agents, just hot steam and the hard bristle brush that came with the steamer. Any dark "spots" you still see are probably parts of the grout that needs to be fiilled, not dirt.
  7. Ya, entire 4-room flat including kitchen. If it was the Mister doing that, I would say you are right! But seriously, I brought Robbie (as I affectionately calls my robot!) over to clean my mum's place, which she had just vacuum and mopped the night before, and lots of dust was picked up too. My mum and me are fussy cleaners, we clean well! It was my mum's friend who was first raving over it and I was skeptical. I would say after using it, it had performed better than I expected. Now, my MIL is thinking to get one too, so that cleaning is less tiring for her. In case I sound like I work for the company, I'm just a happy customer.
  8. Hi Harriette, mine is the Roomba 520. It should be obsolete now since we bought it about 3 years ago I think. Battery life is not as good as before, expectedly. It takes a longer time to fully charge. We can get a new battery but we did not as it still cleans the whole flat in a single charge. We are very happy with it. When I first bought it, I tested a few times by vacuumming and mopping the place thoroughly and under all the furniture, and then let the robot work. Still, it picked up a lot of dust each time. I only wish mine comes with scheduling like the newer models. I also bought during PC/IT show and there was a discount. The distributor John Ackerman seems to always have a small booth (usually at the back of the hall). Hope these helps!
  9. Hi kstoh, you can set "virtual walls" with certain models of the iRobot, so that they will not go down the stairs or into areas you don't want it to go to. However, with the size of your floor area and steps, you may have to buy additional "walls" and probably just clean one storey on a single battery charge. Mine does not require virtual walls, and although I have heard from users the walls work, I'm not sure if there is a 0.01% chance the robot will join your fishes for a swim.
  10. Hi kstoh, I did not know the iEcology was an OEM product. I was pretty attracted by it too. It seemed like a time-saver and a great idea. But I felt the item was very overpriced. I considered a Dyson, but eventually changed my mind instead got a $95 Electrolux vacuum cleaner which is very basic. I have been using it now for almost 6 years. Even though it's quite noisy, together with a spin mob and iRobot, they are serving me well. I now think the less complicated machines are, the better they may be. Talking about service experience, I'm getting a little long-winded here because I am a person who certainly has brand preferences for most things. 1) This is a nice one. I was at the Karcher service centre the other day to buy an attachment, and met a lady who brought in her vacuum cleaner and hers was a really old model, or at least it looked very old and very well used. I did not get to hear about her problem since she was there before me, but when the technicians brought it back with the problem fixed, she was very surprised that it was free of charge even though warranty was long over. 2) Another nice one. My father bought his Osim massage chair many years ago (the first iMedic model). When we had the service guys to come over and service the chair every 1-2 years subsequently, they would tell us that chair was made in Japan and the parts were very good, compared to the newer models that Osim had come out with by then. We paid for repairs when it broke down but several years down the road, we traded it in an Ogawa one. Ogawa offers free servicing for 10 years and changed a minor part for us free, while Osim had to charge for just servicing every time (or perhaps just the first year free, I cannot remember exactly but definitely not free for 10 years). Before the 10 years was up, my father again traded in for another Ogawa chair and he is still mighty pleased, with both the product and service. 3) A not so nice one. I had a bad experience with Philips items many years back. I had to go back twice in the same day to get the item replaced. That was enough to make me avoid them for many years. Not sure what came over me one day but I decided to give them another try last year and bought a stainless steel electric kettle. 2 months later, the rim started to rust. I went to the live chat and was served promptly and it felt like a pretty good experience. The staff followed up with an email where I sent over the pictures of the receipt and the kettle. 10 days later, no response came despite my reminder emails in between. I went to the website and submitted a form, explaining that I did not hear from them and requested for the staff to update on the status. The same staff later emailed me that she did not receive my pictures and told me to resend. When I did, this time I received an error message that the email address I used was "not supervised". I was using a Gmail email address. What kind of "supervised" email addresses are they expecting? Resent twice, thrice, same thing. Gave up. What was more infuriating was on the online form, they let you select to allow or disallow them to call you and the preferred timing for calls. I indicated they can call me in the day but no one called. I decided I was not going to waste any more of my time. I'll just wait till it rusts more and throw it away.
  11. I have a Karcher steam cleaner, model SC1122, bought more than 5 years ago. Its probably replaced by newer models now, but it came with cloths for cleaning floors. My floor is tiled though, so I can't say about laminated floors. Karcher has various models of steam cleaners that have different functions, so it's best to take a walk down to any electronic stores or department stores like Harvey Norman or Tangs for a demo and better understanding of the functions. I love mine. I use it to steam my sofa and curtains. These days I realise it also removes grout from my tiled floors. It is a tedious to do it but it does give me a satisfaction (a little OCD here).
  12. Thanks for dropping in by blog, kstoh! The email has address has been with me for very long, so I just stick with it. Actually now that you have mentioned it, I'll give it more thought. Will do it one day, when I'm feeling less lazy!
  13. I am not renovating my home but I drop in once in a while to read T-blogs. I spent more than an hour to read all the pages in this thread. This thread is exactly the spirit of an online forum, for information sharing and discussion. Thank you to kstoh for sharing all the information and experiences. Your place is really pleasing to the eyes, not over the top and practical in use too. I also appreciate that you write with proper grammar, it makes reading easier. I have nothing against people who do not, except that it's actually pretty rare these days, not with the prevalent texting culture! Here's a good weekend to all.
  14. Can you PM me the contact please? I don't think HDB allows changing of frames for my cluster of flats, but I'll check them out. Thank you!