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  1. Ah, you went over to JB tampoi or somewhere else to buy? Ok, then I need to look for cheaper ones here.
  2. Where got atas? If atas, would have bought Bosch or Die Dietrich liao!
  3. I bought Brandt, and it cost twice as much as yours for my 2 domino hobs and oven! But the oven is the Pyrolytic Oven so more ex.
  4. You are one of the few that I know off is laying data points and tv point via the floor. The rest of them have been telling me to convert those RJ-11 to RJ-45.
  5. Huh? But ID should know that you are getting citigas to pull in the pipe mah, so should have arrange with you to ensure citigas pull in pipe before measurement is done what... This is very basic leh - very weird. Maybe you stress him too much that he forgot... hahahahaha My ID ask if I am doing gas hob, and I was having one gas hob, and then say must get the gas pipe in first before the carpentry measurement can do leh.
  6. I not so hardworking as you. Meet 5 ID/contractors and got 1 initial quote over email from another ID which I don't think I want to go with but juat wanted to see how much $$$ they would ask for. Btw,which Bosch oven you bought?
  7. Excellent! Ok, I am set to get this. Just need to know when it is available on sale! Haha.
  8. No wonder you got so many vouchers!!! I went IT show to see the locks/robot cleaners, end up in HN and $$$ gone from wallet. Put down deposit for hobs and oven! I am beginning to spend like you do!
  9. Ah... Bro, see you posting your reno here, eh? Good , good, can follow here.
  10. So you got a Mi Robot too? Does it do more than 1 room ah? I am contemplating to buy the Mi Robot, but not sure if it only cleans 1 room...
  11. Normal one, like those Gardiner or Sunshine type - not rustic or soft type. Don't think it's the oven, but I am using my combi-oven to bake. I also failed with bread maker lor!!! Borrowed my friend's bread maker and follow the instructions in the manual, but still comes out bad! So I am hopeless with bread making!!!