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  1. Cellini Cantilever Coffee Table for sale! @ $200 Dimensions 120cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 37cm (H) Condition 8/10
  2. Brand New Osram 44870 DecoStar 51S 50W 12V GU5.3 WFL 36D for sale Details here: One box of 11 pieces@ $15.
  3. For floor storage platform... Accessible from the top.. . Is there a need for the backing to be constructed? Talked to a few ids n carpenters.. Some insist yes while others said no. If no backing is constructed.. The parquet floor will be seen when the storage is accessed. What's your take or experience?
  4. Agree. I always stress that infrastructure is important in any renovation planning. This includes laying of cables electrical points before the space planning and design comes into picture.
  5. I am doing an industrial x muji minimalist theme for my renovation project! Cant wait to see how your's turn out. For the ezbuy free agent, does it include shipping for furniture?
  6. Nice blog! I love how you detailed your renovation journey. How much is the laminate which you have shared in your previous post? Where are you using this laminate for your renovation? Did you use it for the upper cabinets?
  7. 1. Check for defects! Here is a guide. 2. Get the defects rectified, pls refer to the link i have shared. 3. If you are not experienced, and simple look and feel for your place, you can look for a main contractor to settle your renovation works. He will coordinate with other sub-cons. 4. If you have money to spare and want to have a designer look, you can look for IDs, they have 3 d renders done up for you to visualise the design they proposed 5. If I remember correctly, they will do flooring first, then do the electrical and ceiling works, followed by plumbing works painting and carpentry the last.
  8. I have reviewed the checklist to include condo owners too; The ultimate defects checking guide- all you ever need to know about HDB or Condo defect checking. Hope you find it useful.
  9. For homeowners looking for concrete furniture: martlewood

  10. Hi there! I think I might have chanced upon your place when I was in pasir panjang recently. I love the renders for your new place! Can't wait to see how the final outcome of your renovation project! Great share for the martlewood! I am going for an industrial minimalist look for my renovation project too.
  11. Here is a quick summary of the renovation project I am handling right now. Property Details 2 bedder in the East Condition Brand New; purchased off the plan. Key Collection Not yet; sometime next month Defects Check Not Yet Renovation Professions Selection still In progress Design Theme Industrial x Mujij Minimal First of all, since this is a condo, there is quite a number of administrative matters that have to be settled before the actual key collection. Nevertheless, I shall blog about this next time la. So for now, since the next step the is key collection, I have prepared a very detailed Defects Checking Guide for Mr Diva so that he could settle the Defects Checking Survival Kit on my behalf. He can also be briefed on what to expect during the defect checking process. For now, I am still busy working on the detailed design requirements specifications while I shortlist the Renovation Professionals.
  12. This is my 2nd reno-t blog in renotalk. Well, I guess I might be one of the oldest member in this forum, I was already a member over a decade ago. That time I was busy with my HDB 5 room renovation and this forum has helped me tremendously during my renovation journey. However this time, it is slightly different; I will be helping out my mum's condo renovation. Although the scope of renovation work is smaller, I foresee there will be other challenges waiting for me.