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  1. Well... a friend of mine wear a black silk scarf sort of tied like a bandanna underneath and top it up with a flowy white lacy veil. I don't have a picture but the effect is similar to this (the only image I can find off the net). With her white wedding gown... she looks fabulous I'm sure you will do too.
  2. Heard from a neighbour who stayed in that block that the "Indian" man jumped from the 17th floor I personally heard the loud sound and thought something exploded till my neighbor next door alerted me that we have the first case of suicide in the neighborhood. Anyway been away for sometime and last Thursday decided to take my mom for a walk at the MSCP garden. To my utter disgust... saw lots of crude graffiti probably done by some irresponsible youths And its barely a year that we moved in I feel like caning those delinquent myself if I ever catch them scribbling and doodling on the walls
  3. Just FYI for those interested, there is a decent gym at Queenstown Community Centre which only charges S$2 per entry. I also like to walk walk. I can walk all the way to Tiong Bahru Plaza and back by just following the mrt route
  4. Of course the food and quality of buffet spread at Royal Plaza much much better. Just see how much they charge compared to Tiffany Tiffany is not that bad for a halal buffet spread but not that great lah. I just discovered it has halal kitchen... so check and just try lah
  5. Hi Ladyluck, you may want to try Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant at Furama Hotel Tried it last week, I can say the spread is quite good and price is affordable (S$36++ for dinner. I paid S$77 for 2 pax inclusive of taxes). I might be going there again because I heard there's dim sum and briyani served at lunch . Some food on the dinner buffet spread are olive fried rice (love this), crayfish, chicken bbq/grill, lamb chop, mutton soup, mee rebus, fondue, durian pudding, ice cream, cakes, salads, sashimi, shell fish... just to name a few lah .
  6. Spotted this when I looked out my window this morning. Please be careful when you walk around the neighborhood. This is the top of the pathway joining block 89 and 91... facing the mrt track. ...close up of the potential killer litter. Chilling isn't it? The impact of any small object thrown from high floor can be deadly. Luckily it landed on the top of the pathway... imagine it landing on a person!
  7. Fighting fire with fire? Then you'll be no different than your inconsiderate neighbour what
  8. Summer, that is normal. Its a new environment for the cat and he is just disoriented. What you can do is try to get a blanket or anything that has your cat smell and put it in the new place. Or you may also want to just wipe the scent around the house. When I first moved I close all doors and windows then let the cat explore and mark (not pee) the house. I showed them the place to eat and where they should do their business. First few days, they are confused... meowing non-stop. The female one even poo in the kitchen and I have to get a repellent spray to stop her from doing that and the repellent also help the hyperactive male from scratching my new sofa After a while, they realized that that is their new place and calmed down a bit. It takes me a month to fully toilet train my cat and now they feel at home. But I still let my male cat venture outdoor under strict supervision. He will meow to be let outdoor but not more than 5min will dash back in Or he will just sit in front of the door (or lie by my bay window) and look outside.... But he is doing fine... he caught 2 lizards so far !!
  9. I will be celebrating my 8th year anniversary in the company come October. Used to really love love what I'm doing (but not the company lah)... but sometimes when you work too long in a company, people just tend to take you for granted !! I wanted to leave but dun want to go through the application/interview phase. Just waiting for people to head hunt me lah
  10. oh dear... how is didi's condition now? I'm sure he will pull through from his traumatic experience. My Fit used to be in a coma once after a urinary tract infection. Guess his 9 lives is not up yet. My cats are neutered but the male still roam outdoor at the old place leh. Now... sometimes I still let him venture out but he will run back in shortly. At times he will sit by the window and cry cry cry ehehehe
  11. dun worry summer... cats are very adaptable creatures They will feel at home in no time. Just imagine... my cats used to be able to roam about (cos I stayed ground floor) and now they have to be cooped up indoors 24/7. Anyway apple... so nice you all get to do your gatherings. Maybe can have gatherings for cat lovers one day. Talk cat all day long ekekeke.
  12. Touching on religion is very insensitive no matter how much you support your every sentence with "don't wana to be racist"... somehow it just shows otherwise.
  13. You are so right about the smell and queue jumping. Just the other day, a guy with trolley jumped queue behind me. Surprisingly the guy whom he cut the queue never say anything. I'm the one who pointed to the trolley guy to the end of the queue. He acted blur but his wife pulled him over to go to the back of the queue Anybody noticed that one of the rope at the playground is broken already The playground is so happening cos its very windy there... I even see adults playing sometimes
  14. Maybe can get a VERY loud mouth fren over. When both of you are right outside the neighbours unit, get your fren to talk loud enough for your neighbour to hear,"Waaahhh how come outside your house so messy one? So unhygienic and dirty!" Then you pretend to hush your friend but still loud enough,"Don't talk so loud leh. Later my neighbour can hear... these are their stuff." "But so messy like these. So inconsiderate aaaar your neighbour!!" Unless the neighbour very thick skin, they would defend their territory. But if they got brain surely they would do something about the unpleasant sight
  15. Some ppl useless to talk nicely to. At my old house, there is one senile old man. He is staying right above my unit. Always getting into fights with the neighbor opposite cos he would spray insectide to the neighbors house from his kitchen window which is facing the neighbor's. Then he also always always spit down to my unit Talk and argue also no use cos he always acted dumb ... Put up with this for yeaaarssss. So glad we finally moved. Now at the new place, my new neighbor just moved in. They also occupy my space with their plants. But as you can see, this time I don't mind lah