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  1. According to PUB in this week's newspapers, there is no need for water filtration paraphernalia on the User's side ie taps, as Singapore water is very drinkable out of the tap. In fact, local tap water far exceeds the World Health Organisation standards for drinkable water. And outlet filtration apparatus may in fact be easily and frequently found infected by bacteria. Don't even need to boil the tap water before drinking unless you want to drink hot water, as boiling water and then cooling it before drinking is a waste of energy. It's also a waste of money drinking bottled water as drinking water straight out of the tap is one thousandth times cheaper than drinking bottled water which comes from small town wells in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  2. Hi! May I have Michael's contact number? Thank you.
  3. Hi, home-maker, Did you install the automated weather blinds for your patio? I'm thinking of installing those retractable/extendable cafetaria canopies.
  4. It should be quite safe and secure inec's and condosas there's a boundary wall/fence and security guards patrols. In addition there's a planting strip outside the 01 units and these are usually planted with tall shrubs and these obstruct look-ins by passers by. You can also have a few large pots with tall plants for screening purposes. Then install a security camer, or a fake one. Don't worry too much. Enjoy your 01 unit.
  5. Hello? Chanced upon this thread; very interesting subject and people. I've a ground floor unit with a large PES. Two years already. How are you guys with your new apartment? And especially your PES? Mine's timber decked with an open area for planting. It's the hot dry season now and the PES is hot hot hot. Hope this thread livens up again.
  6. Many new flats now have hollow walls (plasterboard walls? chipboard walls?). What exactly are they called? Anyone know what's the URA/BCA required dimension (thickness etc), specifications of such walls, and what can one affixed to such walls? Are such walls of same specs in HDB, EC and pte condo flats? And what types of screws or bolts etc should be used to install hooks for clothes, display shelves (like those from IKEA), and wall cabinets (IKEA types). Thanks very much.
  7. Hi! Thanks for the infopost about Mr K. May I have his contact? Thank you.