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  1. i took this thread's reommendation and GREATLY regretted. I had an EXTREMELY BAD experiences with them. they are not only unprofessional in their dealings, poor workmanship and simply another one of those CON-tractors that you pray never to meet. Think twice for those wanting to use them.
  2. just to share for those who are considering voila. they are using the same workers as united team that's jus couple of shops away. the folks at voila were previously from united team and branch out on their own. so if it's the workmanship that you're considering voila, you might wanna get another quotation from united team HTHs
  3. and I wanted to share... I found out premplas thru renotalk. in fact, most of the 15 firms i went are recommended thru renotalk... but you need to PERSONALLY go and judge for yourself. you need to have the 'click' with whoever do your project. and end of the day, even if it's recommended for the carpentry, you can NEVER guarantee it's the same workers who did YOUR work. that's y pple always say it's heng suay kind of thingy... despite all the homework i did... my own reno process is ... torturous. i have the 'click' with the person serving, but there's change in the carpentry staff and the carpentry works has ALOT of problem. my word of advise is... go to an ESTABLISHED one that doesn't have major change in management... like for Premplas, they renamed to briggs design... tat's probably y the website is not working.. at one point, i read from the other thread that there's a recommended carpenter who's also called ah wei. and wondered if i shd just use premplas since this carpenter is also ah wei. but no. i'm glad i didn't.
  4. It's been a while since I logged in renotalk... after I selected my contractor I've been so busy with the reno. It's now in the final stages I needed a channel to let out!! I hope with my experience I can help pple sourcing for contractors/ IDs... Premplas - this is my top on the list contractor/ ID when I was hunting. I went there late at night after the work and was served by a man called ah wei whom I later know is the 'head of their carpentry'. He said all the IDs have left (I didn't have a name in mind but prior to going I read from renotalk that there's a couple - as in hubby and wife ID who are very good... can't rem the names..) anyway as ah wei asked for a name of whom I'm looking for, I googled on the spot and gave him the name... I think the wife is evelyn or what... straightaway he told me 'left long ago'... and so I asked anyone you could recommend. he said Keith. He told me keith is the 'head of the ID' so I was hopeful. But keith has left home for the day... but but... ah wei is very eager and called keith to come back and so I waited half hour. our initial impression is wow - go home already still come back, very dedicated! then keith arrived in a cab, he was apologetic and told us he usually goes back later but that day he happened to be sick... but still upon receiving ah wei's call he took a cab back ... so our impression was really good. thinking is he 'the one' that we've been searching for?? he showed us the showroom - well, design wise that's not my style. but anyway so we sat down and discuss my floor plan. his style is not really my kind, but he offers solution (or rather materials) that I've never heard of (prior to keith i searched to like, 10 prospects)... he's the only one who introduced compac plus as the kitchen table top unlike the usual quartz, marble etc... hubby and i love the compac plus but anyway that's a separate story. what i wanted to share is. Keith appear v experienced, but he told us he has 8 projects on hand (i later realise pls DO NOT engage a contractor/ ID who has more than 3projects on hand) so we were worried he couldnt manage. he promised to keep to our budget and come back in 2 days time with quotation. We left feeling soo very hopeful. One day left. 2 days left. emails and calls gone unanswered... finally... when his quotation came via email almost a week later... he got our name wrongly... and exceeded the budget by 50%! it was a utter disappointment. and he never follow up after that.
  5. One week clearance sales! All preloved and lovingly maintained. set of parenting magazines/ books - $2 musical/ jewelry box and other ornaments - $2 each. L shaped fabric sofa - $20 Sealy mattress king size - $50 Aibi treadmill - $50 (this is a really a best buy! i bot it at $699! it is a manual one so the model is now obsolete.) dresses (size S) and bags - $5 each i just want to clear. you're welcome to make arrangement for viewing. self collection. email at blisz06@yahoo.com.sg for pictures only if you are sincere in buying.
  6. I just joined the forum looking for contractors/ ID for my new house. went to 12 (gosh! todate) so far based on forum's recommendation and random walk in at IMM plus fren's fren's blah blah but haven being able to find one that i feel comfortable enough to sign the dotted line...i left with the LAST week to decide! And I dun quite dare reveal the companies as i know some firms do track postings... tis is a fun yet tiring process i just need a channel to let out! will continue to be diligent and check out forum's update!