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  1. Thank you Freb, Your design is nice too. Happy to see that your contractor is willing to rectify for you those unacceptable works, enjoyed reading your t-blog.
  2. Hi Wei Yan, The one that I showed on the picture was out of stock, but you can try purchasing it now. Link In the end I got was this one. Personally I did not use it much after I got those draining bowls. Because: 1) It takes up space. 2) I like to separate those bowls/plates that I have soaped into the smaller portion, hence I have to remove that whenever I am going to do the dishes. 3) I prefer the smaller drainage holes. This is however, more suitable for fruits and bigger cuts of vegetables etc. So probably if I purchased the one that I originally wanted, it would probably have been better. However, I am not too keen on the wood handles after seeing how my wooden stool that I placed in the bathroom turned out. Lol. That was a regretful purchase because fungus started to grow after 1 month plus. I have since replaced the chair with a cheap plastic version. Other than this, the rest of the taobao stuffs are still working fine.
  3. I took a direct cab from bugis to tampoi. From what I know I think the bus only go to the custom. You can try google if you want to go by the bus route because I'm not too sure too. 😅
  4. Follow them on Facebook under 'eubiq', they will post whenever they have road shows frequently with offers. The offers are always different so I also cannot guarantee what you will get. I bought mine almost 5 months ago, pricing has always been increasing. Nevertheless, that's how I know where to buy my eubiq track.
  5. I bought the table at approx. $500 after exchange rate and my freight charge is charged altogether with the rest of the taobao goods that are lumped together so I cannot get an accurate assessment. It can take up to a month or longer to ship here. For accurate assessment, please get peeka to quote you. TYVM too.
  6. Aww, I really wish you read through my t-blog more carefully. I stated the eubiq track pricing in one of my earlier posts. It is best to get it during their roadshow. I know the cheapest for 60cm can go for as low as $99. I got my novita from best denki. My promo was $2199, additional $100 for installation. I know now they priced it at a much more expensive range, but they give free air purifier instead. But to me, it is just buying the air purifier and paying for a higher price. It is very convenient to use and my man likes it a lot though.
  7. Awww, I would love to have you as my next door neighbour! It would have been lovely but it okay because you are the next block only. I personally don't find many insects at home, only the occasional visit of the pesky houseflies when I happen to cook. Do sweep along the corners of the house, there seem to be a number of long legged spiders. I always crush them when I mop the house. I think you can monitor first before you decide to purchase the insect nets since they don't come cheap and seem troublesome when you need to open/close the windows. I heard it would be ready on the third quarter, we can only keep praying.
  8. Sharing some more photos of my house, post-renovation state because I got a wide angle camera. Living room Foyer + dining area If you noticed my door lock, I have started using digital door lock with burglary alarm. Feels safer and more convenient now. My lovely kitchen. The tap is a must buy. It makes cleaning so much easier. Common bathroom, finally can get a full picture of it. MBR MBR bathroom. That's all folks. Till next time~
  9. If you have read the previous replies, my wallpaper installer is from my ID and as you know ID do not give out the contacts of their subcontractors because this will affect their rice bowl. If you are interested to look for an ID, you can go to my ID Yvette (Rezt & relax) and get a quote. As for the grilles, Here is a list of what I did: 1) slim grilles for living room and 3 bedrooms. (I did not do for the small encasement windows, redundant to me) 2) service yard windows 3) service yard grilles My BTO is standard so my living room is 3/4 length windows and bedrooms 1/2 length. Total: 2k+ I asked the man if there is any regrets in doing such expensive window grilles (normal grilles would costs about 1k) and till date, he still think it is worth doing as the normal one can be very noisy and flimsy. Furthermore, we opted for encasement slim grilles that will make cleaning a lot easier. Previously, the man and I considered installing those invisible grilles. However, on further reading, I read that it's just wire and actually stretchable when you pull it apart. Plus can be snapped away using wire cutters. It is also difficult to get them replaced as they need to drill holes on the wall and they cannot drill on the same holes ever again. Plus if you seen hamster cages that got gnawed on, you will know that peeled wire easily rust. Price wise is about the same so we chose the obvious choice and to install the grilles from pang giap.
  10. No sorry, I can't help you on this. Since your friend recommended this place to you, you can consider venturing there as well. Just that I know Tampoi has what I want so I just head there straight away since I do not possess a car. Save some time and effort for the rest of stuffs for the house.
  11. Hi neighbour, Don't worry about your choice of curtains. You will grow to like them gradually. I think they look good by the way. I am sure that you will always find what you are looking for in taobao! Btw , I'm staying at 260C but then not the side that is facing you. I'm sure you will enjoy staying in your new house. I can't wait for the supermarket and eating place to be open as soon as possible.. It is kinda hard to do grocery though. Hopefully in a few months' time!!
  12. Hi guys, I have been staying in my crib for 3-4 months now and every day is perfect. I love my bedroom still and it still feels like waking up in a luxury hotel everyday. All made possible at a fraction of its price due to taobao. I could never imagine I am able to stay in such a pretty room last time as the prices of french furniture is especially expensive. Yesterday one of the decals that I bought for my kitchen glass door arrived! I have been procrastinating about installing decal for the kitchen glass door as we usually open it when it's not in use. So sometimes when I am deep frying it, I would close the door and forget that I actually close it. I almost walked into the door a couple of times. *laugh at myself* Finally found one that I think looks really pretty. I am glad that how it turns out. No more knocking into the kitchen glass door now.
  13. Hi uginfit, No problem. I had a hard time convincing the man to go to tampoi because we do not own a car and he thought it was very troublesome to travel to and fro without transportation as well. However, after this pleasant experience, we will go there again should we need any more new fans for a new place or whatsoever. Even after paying $90 for transportation, we find it very reasonable given that the exchange rate was good (now is even better than the last time I went btw) and considering that even ikea charges transportation fees. A tip to save on transportation fees is to find your neighbour who is also keen to go together with their partner (group of 4) to take the taxi from bugis to save on the trip to tampoi and then take the private car back together as well.
  14. Hi mtothedy, if you do a quick search you will be able to find his contact in one of my posts. I understand there may be people who missed my post of him so here it is again. Please refer to this post for Vincent's contact! He is a busy guy so do not expect fast response. However, if you are able to wait, he has one of the best prices around
  15. There are a few ways to get back but I chose the simplest way. To just pay money for convenience. I got the shop owner to hire a private car that sends me all the way back to my place. I cannot remember the exact amount but I think it could be $70 or $90 for a one time trip. Sorry seriously cannot remember the exact amount. The uncle drives a van taxi which had lots of space to put our barang barang, Two fans and a 25L storage heater don't forget. He stopped us to the area to declare tax and the custom simply need to chop and then pay for your taxes. Then after getting clearance you may proceed back to the Singapore custom. Another way is to hire a cab to the venue whereby you can grab a taxi that travels back to Singapore and to the Bugis taxi stand. Similar to how you get there from the Bugis taxi stand. I am sure with all the barang barang you will rather choose the convenient way.
  16. Hi Zascia, I understand that there is a brochure showing various designs of grilles that you can have at the service yard. However, this is only applicable to those who DO NOT intend to install windows at their service yard. If you are intending to install windows, then you do not need to install grilles design that are approved by HDB. Pang giap is a HDB approved company by the way. They will submit for permit (quotation inclusive) and then after fabricate the windows and grilles altogether.
  17. Ks Toh: Thanks for the insight! Will look out how long these taobao lights are gonna last me. I did buy extra lights in case my downlights and tracklights fail on me.
  18. Monseow: Sorry I did not do the measurements for the acrylic panels so I have no idea. Similarly for all my carpentry works etc. That is why I engage an ID and paying her for. My common bathroom is a L shape board but MBR is just a I shape. However, I think it is better to measure your own house for these panels should you decide to DIY.
  19. Closing chapter My renovation has finally come to a closure after so long. I am truly glad that this forum has benefited me and many others as well. But like all good things, it has come to an end. It has been a hassle free progress and I am glad that it is over. I have been staying at my dream house for quite a bit and everyday is like a blessing. I enjoy cooking most of the time, despite being a working adult, due to my trusty airfryer. Really a godsent. Shall show you some of my must-haves in the kitchen before I leave. My eubiq track~ My friends are all very impressed by it cos they have never seen one before. I turn it to the left when they are not in use to save electricity. From the left - right: Philips airfryer XL, Toyomi slowcooker for brewing soup before I leave the house, my mini rice cooker which cooks just the right amount of rice for the two of us and last but not least, our lastest gadget and the man's favourite - Novita water purifier. Shall feature some of the yummy snacks that are whipped up by the philips airfryer.. (Warning: Yummy food ahead! Hungry people please do not proceed) Airfried crabsticks. They are even more crispy than prawn cracker and tastes 10x better, albeit healthy so I feel more guilt-free eating them. Airfried honey chicken wings. Looked and tasted like those barbeque/grilled ones. Simply delicious. I only need to throw them in the airfryer and it will do the work for me while I busy with frying some vegetables or so. Dinner will then be served within just a span of 20 minutes. Extremely hassle-free, just the way I like it. Have been seeking for a water purifier for the longest time and my relative recommended Novita. Initially I wanted to get the one with alkaline water but the man wanted something that is more convenient as well. So... in the end we compromised and chose something that is the best for the house. Our cute little hydrocube in white. It matches my airfryer, doesn't it? Chose hydropure filters because alkaline water is not good for infants and we just wanted purified water that does not taste weird. We just got it installed today and the man is jumping for joy because he no longer needs to boil water ever again for his coffee and I am happy that there is cool water around as well. A final thank you for taking the time to read and liking my little t-blog. I will try to answer the inquiries from time to time but sometimes I do miss them out so if I don't, please drop me a PM. Goodbye and good luck to all the others who are renovating their little home.
  20. Guest room is now complete with the bed I purchased online. Single bed size. I chose the black frame to cater to the "Black & white" theme of the room. The bed costs me $195, inclusive of shipping and installation. Cheaper than ikea as well. Hopefully it will last for quite a bit. The headboard. Comes with sparkling crystals as well. A worthy buy because it does not scream cheap. Even though it is. Nothing to nitpick about since the price is so low. We reuse the seahorse mattress that my husband brought over from his previous house. I am really glad that after placing the bed, the room still looks okay sized. It is small but not cramped. Thank goodness!
  21. I am deeply humbled. I only overlay my wall tiles for one of the toilet. My ID did not caution, but I think cos she probably assumed that I already know. Actually new tiles have lesser possibility of popping so just don't worry about it. I think as long as you believe it wouldn't happen, it wouldn't. We don't have much of a choice anyway since hacking will void us of the HDB warranty. It is either risk of popping tiles (if the tiler's workmanship is not good) or risk of paying for water damages (if waterproofing is not done properly) to your lower level unit when you hack. Not to mention the cost of hacking and overlaying is quite a bit of difference.
  22. Hi peachpokka, May I know what type of clothes require to be hand washed? I think bosch washing machine that I bought has been good to me so far, even for silk/delicate clothings, there is a function for it to be washed. I tried it the other day and all turned out well. I did not have to hand wash any laundry yet. I usually throw my lingerie into a laundry pouch though so that it will not be damaged in the progress. Anyway, I am glad I purchase this washing machine brand, because it is really silent and only give sounds after the washing is done. On another note, the dryer is also a must too, I think staying at the lower levels has its disadvantages. Especially if the upper levels' neighbours are not the considerate sort. I have seen in two separate events whereby water comes gushing down the service yard area from the upper levels. Perhaps they are trying to clean their service yard ledge but if my clothes had been hang out to dry, it is really GG for me. Another advantage is that there is no need for ironing of the clothes since they are still hot from the dryer, just straighten it by pulling and there will be no wrinkles on the clothes. It is that awesome.
  23. Happy to see that you have started your t-blog! Things are looking good. Keep up with the progress and I am sure you will enjoy the process~~ The end results will be worth it!!