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  1. hi guys!! we got the sofa bed from lifestorey for ard 600! my wife absolutely loves it! hi chris, the total reno cost is ard 40k! jiawen you are welcome!
  2. hi pple! sorry for taking so long to reply! haha! the table is ard 1.8k both are from ikea, i 4got about the price le. should be very easy to search for it from ikea website for the cost. Thank you for the compliment, all the items are chosen by my wife! reno cost is ard 40k, second charm price can be found on their website and it depends on your bargaining skills. haha! i dun think i have the link after so long, all the bulbs can be remove individually. the door is around 800 i think, this design is available from most door suppliers. we told our contractor that we wanted this design and he went to get from his supplier. we got our blinds from golden leaf. the model is "simple" it is from our contractor (ah k), i dun have the supplier name. but i believe it is available from most supplier. think there are black colour for the metal legs, for the laminates i cant really rmb, but you can drop by TOTO showroom to have a look and to enquire on the different colours available!
  3. Our dresser from second charm finally arrived today! Very pleased and totally in love with it! Now we finally have a place for all our accessories, cosmetics and other barang barangs. And the mbr is now complete with the addition of the footstool, mirror and dresser hee
  4. Hi Harriette, Your renovation seems to be progressing really well. Can you pm me Mr Yeak's contact? Thanks!
  5. Hi elin, Congrats for your new home! Your wooden drawers actually looks nicer than the metal drawers. Blum offers runner system (blum track underneath wooden panel) as well as the tandem box system (metal drawer). Prices are available for download. Just need to Google for the price list. Technically speaking, they are all still blum system. If you need to verify you can take out the drawers and look at the runners. The runners should have blum logo engraved on them. Can't wait to see your photos after you reload them.
  6. Some photos of the dining table taken today. The extension is very easy to carry out and can be done by one person. In its original size, its a square of 90 by 90cm and when extended, its length is 150cm.
  7. Hi tarzanboy! the breadth of the worktop is 62cm and yes ikea does delivery and assembly for you at a fee. You can find the prices at http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_SG/pdf/delivery_rates_250612.pdf Hellos. PMs sent!
  8. Today was the first time we used our washing machine and to our horror, our washing machine drainage pipe is stuck! So the water kept gushing out of the pipe instead of through the pipe and after our noob attempts at unclogging, it still remains stubbornly clogged. We did check all the pipes in the house before, to ensure they could all flow. This was after the first round of cleaning. During those times there was no problem with the washing machine pipe but we did unclog dried plaster in the toilet's drainage pipes. One was even as big as a fist! For this we had no idea if its due to hdb or contractor, and we cleared everything ourselves. We called mr k and thankfully he said he'll send his men down to check. But before that we may first go to bsc to see if they can help us to unclog it. So to all who are gg to start/in the process of reno, rem to check all the pipes for drainage before and after reno if you can!
  9. Hi pinkyceline, the sofabed is from the design store by lifestorey. But its not branded like some of the items they sell there so fortunately the price is also unbranded price lol. We bought it two months ago and they were clearing stock for this sofabed, which was the "leftovers" after they mass produced/sold it to some private development.
  10. Just received our sofa bed today! We needed a sofa bed that can sleep two for when our families are staying over. Many of the sofa beds we saw were either too wide or very clunky looking. This is smaller than a queen sized, fits into our second bedroom nicely and still wide enough for two Very easy to convert it into a bed even if its just by myself have also bought a mattress topper from tb to make it more comfortable!
  11. Hi vicx1234, there'll definitely be some cold air escaping but any negative effect on the cooling of the room is not noticeable to us, so we didn't do anything about it. The photo below shows the size of the gaps between the louvres. Yes the doors cannot be opened easily unless one panel is locked in place, allowing the other panel to swing open. This should be the lock your contractor is referring to. The reason why the two panels cannot be opened simultaneously should be because of the L-groove of the panels. It causes the two panels to 'stick' to each other. This is a top down view of the groove. And lastly, the lock for the doors, which is the same as our kitchen bifold's lock. Hope the above helps!
  12. PM-ed! Hee of course we don't mind. We are loving the look of the kitchen laminates and I think you'd love it too when its up! Good choice! Hi Yeocando, we bought the bedside table from second charm.
  13. Yepp it's extendable! It's not from ikea. It's from Novamobili and we like how it can go from a table for 2 to 6, or even 8 if u cosy up a little. Hee
  14. How the kitchen door looks like when its folded: From the kitchen side This is the 'maximum' it can be folded due to the lock in the middle of the two pieces. And together with the simple extendable dining table!
  15. The platform was done by carpentry, and the material used is the same as those used for the cabinets, which should be plywood with laminates on the surface. Yes the $800 includes the laminates.
  16. Hi linakua! The kitchen door folds to the left wall in the picture, so yup I did not have to relocate any switches. You are right, if the door folds to the right, it will be troublesome as it will block access to the kitchen switch and I think the bigger problem is that a portion of the door will jut out, so its quite in the way. When ours fold to the left, it will just be against the wall, so it wouldn't hinder movement much. Hope this helps and we'll post a picture of the folded door when we are back! Thanks vicx1234! The laminates are different lol sorry for my poor photos! the wood laminates used for the kitchen is Hermes Marcello Walnut, WY5217D, which is a darker brown while for the mbr vanity counter we used Amber York Teak, WY5232D. Both are from lamitak. Thanks ollie! The tv console is from second charm, and you can customize the dimensions and even the design of the console. The bed frame is from commune. Thank you linsullen! Hi xiaohuiis, we were quoted about $800 for the platform and it has no storage. We didn't do a platform with storage as ours is only about 15 cm high due to the full length windows. For the brick wall we were quoted 2.8k which was an estimated quote. Actual prices have not been confirmed yet! Hellloooo Barleywater!! hahaha thanks for the compliments. We tried to ensure our home will be comfortable, functional and at the same time cosy! hee. So so we tried as much as we can to visualize what we'll need when we are staying there. There are a couple of things we missed out on, such as not having planned a power point for a standing fan in the mbr. We also wished we had added a power point above the shoe cabinet so that we can charge our phones there haha. Electrical works happen quite early in the reno stages so must have a plan ready soon after reno starts!
  17. We got our curtains and blind from golden leaf!
  18. Hee thanks for the compliments I like the combi v much too! Planning to add a dresser, mirror and chair to the empty space and hopefully they'll come together nicely! Nope the louvered doors in the mbr is not a bifold. It opens from the center and swings outwards, hence my green door mat have to place far far haha
  19. Thank you Makanology! Now can graduate from reno journey and move on to deco journey! Hee Hi titanus, its works like a typical aluminum bifold door! Just that this is wood and glass hee. So basically it will fold to the left and the track is on top. The door can only be locked from the kitchen side and the lock is like a metal strip which 'locks' by working as a barrier against the two pieces of door to prevent them from folding up. Currently I don't have any pictures of the folded door but I'll take pics the next time I go back! Hi Sappyd, yes we do have a dining area just outside the kitchen but the dining table was just delivered today and shortly after the caterer came and we had to set up the table for the mini buffet. So no pics for the dining area yet! But will take photos n post as soon as I can Hi OceanEleven, the study table is entirely from Ikea! For the table, we are using the 1.86m Numerar birch worktop together with Adils legs. The drawer in the middle is an Alex drawer unit. The drawer unit is a must for support as the worktop is solid wood and too heavy for just 4 legs. So for this combination, it will cost $335.
  20. And lastly the mbr toilet and the common toilet
  21. Kitchen's bifold door our breakfast counter right side of kitchen left side of kitchen view of kitchen from service yard
  22. What we see when we are on the sofa The other two bedrooms the corridor
  23. Hee thanks claypot. Yes it is indeed quite convenient! Plenty of space on the bedside table for specs, phone, books, laptop etc. Thanks tarzanboy! PM-ed!
  24. The mbr with the louvered doors that were just installed yesterday.