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  1. Hi Anyone can advice what can i do to resolve this? This is a top cabinet where the doors open upwards. There are 3 hinges for this cabinet door so 1 of them came off like this after 3 mths. Lucky, 2 more left to support but this is not a long term solution so i need to find out other options. Not sure the hinges came off due to poor quality plywood used which will also affect my solution for this issue. Thanks.
  2. Hi Barfie Thanks for the advice. Will check and get my own silicon from the DIY or Homefix shop. Will update the result soon.
  3. My pricing is via my reno contractor so i am not sure of the individual item pricing. I am using Le Gate so maybe you can contact their salesperson for quotation.
  4. Here is the pic. i have covered up the cracked to prevent more it from become worse.
  5. I chose 4 inch if i remember correctly. The gap just nice for my hand to go through to shut the windows. Best if HDB allow fixed invisible grille outside the windows. Anyway who clean the windows regularly??? I am happy with the grille.
  6. No need to pay for transport. Maybe other company need??? The worker after installing the replacement wire, they tested it by pulling it and leaning back. No loosen after that. The fixed type cannot open like aluminium grille,but they have the open type like aluminium. Both sliding and also bifold type but they are more expensive than the fixed type. If fixed type then cannot clean window liao unless your hand are small enough to go inside and still be comfortable. Only my kitchen is bifold type and master bedroom sliding type as the need it there. Need to get used to it lah since we have been seeing aluminium grilles.
  7. According to the worker, it will not loosen so no need to tighten in future. Anyway there is 5 years warranty so if it really loosen , can ask them to come back to rectify. Chanel26, I just got this invisible grille for a month+
  8. Hi Niko Do u mean the picture of the cracked glass or the distance of the stove to the glass?
  9. The Glass is about 15cm away from the fire stove that cause the Crack. But if you look at the edge of the cooking hob, it is like 2-3cm away from the Glass. The cracked glass is still sitting there in my kitchen.
  10. Any other option available like iQuartz or Solid Surface?
  11. KDK Ceiliing Fan from Malaysia should be cheaper
  12. The contractor install the stove, how near is consider near? any dimension for reference? 10cm away? Need to go home measure it. I guess the only way is to reinstall this glass as it will continue to crack even further since we cook almost everyday. Already told the reno contractor that we are a heavy user and they still give me this 6mm Glass instead of Tempered Glass. Lucky the glass only cracked and did not hurt anyone nearby. Tiler Seng, how do we cook usually? Switch on the FIRE and cook as usual like what we did in all home. Is there any special practice for cooking that can prevent this? Or my STOVE too POWER? hahaha
  13. Will replacing the silicon solve the problem or it will come back again?
  14. luiz78

    3S Quartz?

    They do not even have a website for 3S quartz
  15. Is there suppose to be wall tiles behind all kitchen cabinets or it is an industry practice not to have any wall tiles behind the kitchen cabinets?
  16. No comment from vendor, they just changed all the wires on the same windows as it is actually 1 LONG wire.
  17. Hi Anyone know if there is a standard thickness of plywood to be use for making kitchen cabinet? How come my kitchen cabinets, the piece of plywood right inside the cabinet that is sticking to the wall is very thin and filmsy. I can push it and feel the softness and emptiness inside. In one of the cabinet where is the an electrical power socket on the thin plywood, the whole pc of plywood move when I try to pull out the plug of my electrical appliance. I can feel the plywood may break anything if I do not hold the socket firmly when pulling out the electrical plug. Is this a standard practice to use different thickness of plywood when building kitchen cabinets?
  18. Waiting for the Vendor to come and view the damage/fix today. Not sure about the price as it is via reno ID instead of direct.
  19. My concern HAD just happened! The 6mm glass backsplash just CRACKED today while my mum was cooking. There is a loud sound and a CRACK was found at the bottom of the GLASS near the STOVE. Lucky no one is hurt during this incident. My RENO ID told me previously that their supplier will not recommend to use 6mm glass if there is problem. The glass will most likely to crack if direct heat is use to heat the glass. Normal cooking usage should not have any problem as it is not direct heat source. Tempered glass will also crack if direct heat is apply, but it will not shattered & the price is 2 to 3 times more than normal glass.
  20. Hi I had the following issue where 1 wire from the invisible grille came out. is it normal for invisible grille to have this? I had only installed this about 1 month ago. This is so dangerous as someone might get hurt by the exposed wire if they did not notice it at the windows. Only way is to get the vendor to change the whole wire?
  21. The silicon cracked line on the right side of the tap!
  22. Hi Anyone can advice if this is normal for the silicon to come off while we wash the surface of the toilet wash basin? My contract had remove the previous silicon due to similar issue and relay with a new layer of silicon but this same thing happened after 2 days. Anyone know the reason for this? Is it due to the quality of the silicon used? Thanks.
  23. Dear All Just want to clarify if it is safe to have 6mm spray painted normal glass as backsplash in my kitchen? There will be a piece of plywood behind the backsplash. Does this backsplash able to handle the heat from the cooking stove over time? My family cook everyday and have family gathering on weekend and more cooking will be done. Wonder if this 6mm NORMAL GLASS can handle the heat? If it can't what will happen? Crack? Glass Explosion? Will the broken glass fly and hurt anyone nearby? Just worried for my family if I should use this glass or change to TEMPERED GLASS? Any other material to suggest? Thanks.
  24. Thanks Andilalala Will take note your advice.