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  1. Due to miscomm, this Camerich sofa arrived with a wrong L-orientation! Brand new, just arrived last week. Need to sell off to order a new one with the CORRECT orientation. Original $4k Selling $2.5k Down feather stuffings and foam. Cream color 3.15m by 2.15m Excellent comfort w or w/o aircon. Come to my new place at Sengkang, Fernvale to view. SMS or WA me 9362 nine five eight four. Heartache to lose money like that but it's necessary for the correct living room layout...
  2. Hi Darjoe, How did you arrange the 20ft container? I'm planning to buy a ton of furnitures from taobao. Please enlighten us! You can PM me or WA me. 9362 nine five eight four. Thank you!
  3. Hi Santa007, can I have the contact of your electrician, please? Thank you!
  4. mrlee007, I'm looking at buying timber from Malaysia and getting them laid here. Since you know a varnisher, can you share his contact with me? He might have friends who lay parquet who can help me. Thank you.
  5. Anyone knows if one can buy the parquet timber from Malaysia ourselves and bring them into Singapore? Any idea about the procedure in bringing it across the customs? Also, any idea about the labour cost of parquet layer nowadays? Contact, anybody?