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  1. Same here, all the nice promises....that is until you are made to pay them everything. Never sign the payment schedule they gave, please, i learnt it the hard way. they made some attempt to rectify the problems when they see complaints here but after a while, they revert back to their can't be bothered attitude. engaged them in July 2013, its already coming to May 2014 now. - defect has not been rectified - promise of a nice free painting did not materialize first impression was impressive, wait till you try then you know the full blast of their power.
  2. news about price dropping has been going for years, even right now people are saying the same thing. with labour cost and land cost still so high, how can we expect developer to drop the price? I figured the price will just stay stagnant in the market. Actually many singaporeans are flocking to overseas houses, no ABSD, something like this one: Singapore Developer Launch Worth considering instead of paying all the taxes here i guess
  3. Actually i think prices will stabilize and stay at this point. People waiting for prices to fall might never see that coming, in the end just buy and not think too much. Private property is also stablizining, some of them are going for a good price, especially jurong and sengkang ones. I found this project - Lakeville [remove property agent web] very attractive, the last condo in this area apparently sold out on the first day.
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