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  1. Tried the Goodnite N Series and like Niagara and Nitingale a lot. Good price too! Any reviews please?
  2. The ID I spoke to in Linewerkz seems quite amazing. He is able to sketch our ideas out in details on the spot and is quick to come up with ideas too. He was the top on my shortlisted list until I come across this post. After reading the negative comments on the worksmanship and quality (done by their sub-contractors, which means even if the ID is fantastic, lousy sub-cons are gonna spoil it all), I am now having second thoughts. Just wondering if anyone has good experience with this firm recently?
  3. Hi Ivy, Can pm me the list of recommended and not recommended fsm pls? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for a reliable ID who is not only good with design, but is also responsible and able to manage and follow through the entire renovation project. It is also important that the sub-contractors the firm works with provide good workmanship and quality. After-sales service is important too. Does anybody have any recommendation for me please? I am also currently meeting up and shortlisting IDs, however I am only able to know if he is a good designer with creative ideas, and whether there is chemistry or not through these meet-ups. Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell if the ID is good in managing the project, and whether the quality of the sub-contractors the firm works with is acceptable. Therefore, would really appreciate if anybody is able to recommend their IDs if you have good experience with them. Of course, for fellow forumers who did not have a good experience with theirs, please feel free to warn me too. I will be sharing my experience with the IDs I meet up along the way too! Much appreciated