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  1. Totally agree with u. Most of the ccchua22's posts and just replying those contact to those "fake" account. Why don't you just post his works and number here since he's so "GOOD" like you said? It seems everything just self promoting for this designer. Not trust worth! & there is no any official website + the owner of this post never return to post anything? Or maybe after this post he will "suddenly" appear again~ just a guess~
  2. I felt like this topic & few commented user are doing some "one-person" promoting either the company or the designer.... & very confusing over the post everyone was asking for the contact like spam...
  3. Hi PlainSharon, Any final photoshot picture? Love those brick walls!
  4. These few recent post seems to be so weird.... 'few' fake user keep promoting the own page.... by own IDs....
  5. People who are considering hiring this Linewerks Pte Ltd. My advise to you is to avoid it at all cost. Their overall workmanship is horrible, wardrobe which costs me about $4.5k (2m wide by 2.4m tall) has easily over 50 white stickers which were used as cover up for drill holes, scratches and dents. For a very simple wardrobe design at such a high price, we would expect quality workmanship. Never did we expect to see such disappointing product which looks cheaper than Ikea. Also the workers damaged our bedroom wooden floor tiles by their heavy machines. Which we have get the flooring company to have it repaired. For people who already signed up with this ID, my advise to you is NOT to give them the last 5% until the 1 year warranty is up. The after sales service is the worst. The thing which I regretted doing is paying the last 5% upon completion of the renovation. Once you have made the payment to them, they will suddenly never pick up your calls or reply back to your emails or messages.