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  1. it's really strong..dont underestimate its size got it from Tampoi lighting in Johor..more half price compared to SG! Singapore its retailing at about $1200. Bought the rotating version at about $500 the none rotating one is about $300...so just decided to go with rotating one to get more bang for the buck
  2. hi pls pm me on the acrylic cover too! thanks
  3. TV feature Feeling satisfied seeing the black groove lines with the laminate...yay! Study left with study shelf doors..last min painted the wall dark grey to provide the well needed contrast the back of the mbr wardrobe in the study Dining fixed up the vento fan and the dining lights...roughly coiled the dining lights round the metal bar to check out the look and feel...still needs to be finetuned. but overall happy with the result...hopefully time will help straighten up fabric cords...now the wriggly wires look duh. MBR simply needed to post this pic of my fave light in the house cant help but keep staring at the soothing glow looks very dim but it's my lousy photo taking skills...perfectly sufficient to light up the MBR More updates next week!
  4. Progress toiletries installation is done and lighting installation is almost complete...left a couple of missing stuff after a lot of ding ding dong dong...in the end we still decided to go with the SPIN fan...(long story) btw, it seems that the entire singapore is buying ceiling fan these few weeks..the fans are out of stock everywhere regardless of which fan we chose! Carpentry is also about 70% complete.. Kitchen Sink, hood, hob, oven all up. loving the white hood but it looks bulkier than expected...luckily we chose white to match the cupboard so it doesnt look that bad Made a conscious decision to line the wood grains horizontally instead of vertical Still thinking of how to rid the green ketupat tiles....saw Ronseal tile paint at Homefix but it costs a whopping 100 bucks for a can of paint . Besides the cost, the time and effort needed to paint every single tile makes this more than a hundred bucks paint job. It's definitely cheaper than overlaying the wall tiles... but still looking for cheaper alternative Foyer loving the cabinet...still need some adjustments but overall the laminate combo turned out well. Mr super like the metal divider..especially how the design casts shadows on the wall when we turn on the lights at night
  5. yeap one heater can supply to both toilets - I bought the higher end one cos the cheaper ones usually powerful enough to supply to one outlet...meaning if both toilets used for bathing at the same time..u need to 'snatch' for the hot water The heater have built-in safety feature to auto-cut the gas after certain time..and installation is usually at service yard which is relatively well ventilated...so safety I think should be ok ba
  6. hi sorry afraid wont be sharing my quotation breakdown as I feel it is unfair to the id and each have their own requirements But the main reno done is: Living room - TV feature wall (console we buying ourselves) - shoe cabinet - entrance divider at foyer - cement screed flooring at foyer - vinyl flooring for living room - red brick wall Kitchen - kerb - top and bottom cabinets - sliding window for service yard - blum for 2 heavy duty drawers Master Bedroom - Hack wall - built in 3m wardrobe with laminate at the back - wallpaper on bedhead wall - vinyl flooring Study - half ht top hung shelves - table with drawers - vinyl flooring Toilets - retile entire master toilet wall + floor (max tile price $4.2) - retile one wall common toilet - vanity cabinet for master toilet - glass shower screen for master toilet - L-shape kerb for common toilet all carpentry come with soft close hinges (not blum) and internal wood pvc
  7. hi we only replaced the master bedroom sink and tap. we got all our stuff at Phenomenon at Balestier and they have quite a wide variety and the shop is spacious. im a strong supporter of city gas...my current house has been using city gas for at least 16 years and no problems at all besides new hdb now the holes are already predrilled and the toilet already has this grill box up...so minimal ugly pipes also didnt install any rainshower cos we are using citygas and citygas had a promo in oct which was giving out free shower sets
  8. Hi its persian red CSI 098 Hi brand is dekopal, PM-ed u
  9. Vento Fino II Fan Went to Tampoi to get the vento fan - RM 1280 for the oscillating version Same price as SG except that it is in ringgit! Manged to sneak a few photos but we were very suay...the entire building's lights went out! think kana short circuit imagine shopping at a lights shop with no lights on... Nothing caught our fancy so we just bought the fan and left. No problems when going through customs as well MBR wallpaper Wanted to choose a cement sceed wallpaper for MBR bedroom where the bedhead is. But ID showed me this 'map' wallpaper which I like very much. Now in a dilemma cos this wallpaper dont look very industrial but cement screed seems a bit cold for bedroom? and a lot of grey walls in the house already... decisions decisons....
  10. Tiling for toilets done as well common toilet - due to budget constraint decided to overlay only one side of the wall where the ugly hdb accent tiles is. sorry for the blurry photo~! MBR toilet used textured tiles for the whole toilet, still looks very dirty now. The bathing area is using long wood grained textured tiles - which we have to pay a small top up amount as extra labour costs. Tried looking for wood grained tiles in 600*300 dimensions but they just don't cut it. It has to be longish to look nice. Lesson learnt cos we didnt realise that there's a difference when we signed the contract which says installing 600x300 tiles. how much extra labour does it take to install long tiles????
  11. Updates Red craftbrick wall is up! Liking how the grey wall and red brick wall complement each other... Hub's black adidas punching bag will be hung at the window corner beside the brick wall. We went to craftbrick directly to get our brickwall done instead of going through our ID. Their authorised craftbrick installer is ZL Construction. Saved $800 doing that and got very good service from them. Workmanship is good too. Vinyl flooring has also been delivered to the house and flooring should be up by the time I visit the house again next week Vinyl for living room Vinyl for bedrooms
  12. haha yah, she said she need to 'requeue' with the 3d department to redraw and don't want to wait for the 3d before proceeding with reno. Since we are clear on what we wanted and to start the reno sooner, we let it slide. To her credit she's very on the ball. Most of the time we are owing her stuff heh. total reno cost is 45k....but slowly growing haha