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  1. What do you guys think of inovar floor? Heard there is expo sales today.
  2. Did u manage to find the door you want? Went expo, was served by a good salesman. If u want contact can pm me.
  3. Hi Yolo, yes hacked a wall and loving tge space
  4. good night folks. Shall post more pics again at night. Gonna sleep already zzzz
  5. simple lighting in the room. perhaps your have better lights to recommend?
  6. a sneak preview to my MBR. As the theme states MID industrial, the concept for my MBR is not so industrialised as we do not want to in a room which is too "cold"
  7. Hi Verre, i passed to my ID to install.
  8. cam u let me know where did you get your kitchen island lighting? thanks
  9. Hi verre, It is 238, bought at eubiq concept store at imm, unit 02-03. Tel: 6899 4901. Hope this is helpful
  10. Hi godsendhappines, my id's contact is 81122552, Johnny but he is not in town n will be back after 20 dec. I haven't get my final bill yet.