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  1. Anyone know where can I find dinning tables which are made of marble but are not top coated with some kind of resin(culture marble?) as finishing? Most if not all these marble tables from those usual furniture shops like Nova, Lorenzo and etc are coated and I feel that this has taken out the look and feel of the natural marble. Most importantly they will turn yellowish a few yrs down the rd and there is not way to repolished them. Currently I only know Island Marble is doing custom made natural marble table but their selection are not alot so still looking around but unable to find any.
  2. trying to hard to write in business english. U got no case and u want sia lan with them? Call and talk nicely to them for a favour in the 1st place instead of demanding. epic failed. EQ ZERO. sorry to say that.
  3. Hi Jerome, Pls quote me for the following items: 1. FUJIOH Conventional Cooker Hood FS 890 2. Fujioh FG 2792 SVGL Glass Hob 3. Fujioh FBO-78SS Oven ---------------------- 4. Sony KDL-55W904A 5. Panasonic NRBW465 6. Panasonic NA-148VG3 Thank you.
  4. Hi, please PM me the quote for the following I would also like to know the specification of electric wires, copper pipes, insulator used and what are the upgrade options available. Toshiba System 4 RAS-4M26SACV x 1 RAS-M10SKCV x 2 RAS-M13SKCV x 1 RAS-M22SKCV x 1
  5. this thread still alive after so long. Wonder if she is still with the same company and her quality recent projects.