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  1. Survey done. Good luck for your project.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed your informative t-blog.
  3. Any comment on the FSM so far? Does he ask you to buy FS stuff from him?
  4. Congratulation and happy for you. I have signed up the same ID as you. Eagerly anticipate the progress of your flat ID.
  5. His sforshor, dun mind sharing your distributor contact and selling price as well? Thank
  6. Hi Busybee, congratulation on your new house very nicely done up. I grew up in Clementi and my parents still live there at Avenue 5. I am collecting my 4 rooms HDB key soon so I appreciate if you can PM me your ID/contractor contact and quotation. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Ivy, I am planning to engage a FSM for my new HDB. Can you email the FSM list to spyster88@gmail.com? Thank you so much.