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  1. Hi everyone, Still waiting for my time to go for lunch. Quite surprised to see so many people ask for lighting and ID contact. Spoke to my colleagues and realised that recently got a lot of home owners getting their keys. **no wonder** Just recalled a conversation with my colleague this morning when she complained about a shop in Balestier road (cannot put name, cos going to say abt their service). She went down to order the light fixture and then the shop tell her to collect in two business days as they need to go warehouse collect. then, when she collected, she saw a quite obvious crack on the shade. I mean "small defects" sure have la, but hers was like a 3cm long one, how to ignore. And the shop assistant keep insisting "on" light then ok liao. Ask for rebate, also must go another shop to ask boss. Worse is they ask her to go again tomorrow so that they can call the warehouse to bring two more shades for her to choose. But cannot guarantee no defects. i didnt mean to intentionally keep the names of my ID and the url from you all. Hope you guys understand. But heard many bad cases about lighting shop in SG, so think i just post it to provide alternate source of info for you guys. www.facebook.com/de.lighthouse. In the page they talk about their business and service la. So far, i am happy with the products. Service was done by my ID. Also, i checked with my ID fren and she is ok for me to give her email to people. She has HDB registered contractor with pretty good workmanship i must say. yuzonice@gmail.com Enjoy the journey peeps.
  2. Its ok babe. He saw me so enthu sharing that day, made a small complain nia. I like your home design. Look forward to see yours online.
  3. hey jiawen hows ur reno going? done liao? hmm, I don't think I will post any more pics liao. that time I was so enthu and stick a picture of our ceiling light in living room. my hubby complains liao. haha.
  4. Bready, do it once only. I think its good to first of all discuss the theme you want with the person who will be staying with you. Go to pinterest or google ID to get some inspirations. then you can talk to your ID people. I made a few selections initially, those big companies. But I can somewhat sense that the people not very sincere, just want business and money. Don't really listen to what you want. my friend did listen to me, a very friendly lady and im very happy with the outcome. and best of all, she coordinated everything for me (not sure if its her service or because im her friend) haha. I PMed you already. Its not as hard as you think.
  5. Hi Jimtong, Cos I don't want people to think im advertising for it lo.
  6. Hi people, I just PM-ed you. Just a quick check, does anyone have any contact on part-time maid?
  7. Yes jiawen, I have a wardrobe. So no choice got to make do with a queen size.
  8. Hello Jiawen, I see that you are going to put a King Size bed in the master bedroom. Did u "hack" the wall between bedroom 2 and master bedroom? U may need to take note of the walking space left. I wanted to put a king size bed too but I was only left with a 400mm walking space on each side!
  9. hehe, hope this is useful. btw the shop I bought my lights from are offering free design consultation. you may want to make use of it. =)
  10. Hi fellow RT, just like to share my experience on Lightcraft. Despite many people say its good, my experience was otherwise. The salesperson insisted that they don't do a start up check for me. He told me that if anything wrong, can bring back and change. But I stay in Punggol! And bad enough, one of the ballasts was damaged. Luckily my contractor changes for me. Save the trouble. I was introduced by my designer an online shop selling lights. The not good thing is that there is no showroom, but then again, that's why they sell at more attractive prices. With the assurance from my designer, I purchased 2 sets of lightings from them. Both save me in total ~300SGD. They did QC and whatapp me the pics and deliver on time. The quality was good, would say its the same as those balestier shops out there but costs lesser. PM me if any of you is interested, don't wish to be seen as advertising for the shop.
  11. Hey, It took me quite a while to figure out how to upload pic. Here it goes, hopefully it works: (Test test)